4 Things to Consider If You Think Your AC Needs Repair

Posted on Nov 11 2022 - 10:30am by Paige Brown

By Kara Masterson 

When it comes to your home’s air conditioner, you should always err on the side of caution. If you think that your AC might be in need of repairs, then there are some key steps that you must take to ensure that your HVAC continues to run smoothly and efficiently. As we head into the colder seasons, now is the perfect time to repair your AC to be fully prepared for when the warmer months come!

Look for Simple Fixes
While you don’t need to be an AC expert, there are some basic maintenance and repair tips that all homeowners should know. As soon as you notice any issues with your HVAC system, you should immediately check the air filters to see if they are clogged or damaged in any way. In many cases, minor HVAC problems can easily be taken care of by replacing older filters with high-efficiency filters.

Check for Visible Damage or Maintenance Issues
The next step in this process is to look over all of the visible components of your system to see if there are any obvious problems that can be taken care of. Your air conditioner might not be working simply because you need to replace the batteries in the thermostat or open a few vents in your home. Those simple fixes can typically be carried out in just a few minutes and could help you avoid some headaches down the road.

Consider the Age of the System
A heating and cooling expert will be able to give you more information about the state of your air conditioner, and that includes how close it is to the end of its lifespan. Every model is slightly different, but the average homeowner should consider replacing a central air conditioner if it is more than 10 or 15 years old. Once a central AC reaches that age, some of the key mechanical components could become damaged or negatively impact the system's efficiency.

Check Your Warranties
If your home’s HVAC system is covered by a warranty, then you should read over the contract so that you fully understand all of your options. Every warranty is slightly different, and the clauses that are within that contract could affect your decision. In some cases, paying the deductible and having the entire system replaced will be preferable to carry out minor fixes that only work for a limited period of time.

Your home’s air conditioner is going to be vital to your family’s comfort during the warmest months of the year, and you should never ignore the early warning signs of damage. As soon as you notice any problems with the AC, you should immediately contact a reputable company that can thoroughly inspect every inch of the system.

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