6 Easy Ways to Rejuvenate Your Kitchen

Posted on Dec 15 2015 - 10:41am by Housecall

modern kitchenFrom installing new cabinet doors to renovating old furnishings, there are many ways to modernize and brighten your kitchen without committing to a complete renovation. Painting, changing cabinet doors and drawer pulls, or adding a kitchen island are all options that you can use to modernize your kitchen. By choosing colors, patterns and styles that you really love, you can transform your kitchen into the most-loved room in the home.

New Look for Old Cabinets

Cabinetry can be updated rather than replaced when you are looking for an easy way to modernize your kitchen. Install glass pantry doors with recessed lighting to turn a stack of antique dishes into a display, or refinish the counter tops with a bright new color to change the look of the cabinets. Add new drawer pulls after installing new cabinet doors to tie the theme of the room together.


Painting is an easy and affordable way to modernize your kitchen. Opt for bright colors, like yellow, to create an open, friendly atmosphere, or choose deeper colors, such as red, to make the space cozy and inviting. Bright white is a classic option that lasts for several years, even when you change the decor in your home often. Don't be afraid to experiment with color. Deep aqua, for instance, may not be a traditional color for the kitchen, but works just as well as yellow or white when paired with matching decor. Freshen the trim in a complimentary color to finish the project.

Flooring Options

Changing the look of your kitchen floor is easy when you opt for click-together flooring or marmoleum tiles. Marmoleum is similar to linoleum in appearance, and is sold in bundles of tiles. Mix and match marmoleum tiles in different colors or patterns, or opt for a more traditional look by installing a neutral colored floor.

To install the marmoleum, just apply the recommended adhesive to the tiles, and glue the tiles down in the desired pattern. Another option is to use click-together flooring. Click-together vinyl flooring is easy to clean and care for, and is installed on top of the existing floor.

Change the Theme

Trends in home decor change frequently. One of the easiest ways to change the appearance of your kitchen is to toss old items in favor of sleek, modern choices. Stainless steel canisters, bamboo dish drainers and light muslin dish towels are just a few options that are popular today. Opt for a theme that you really love to ensure your new kitchen decor stands the test of time.

Add a Backsplash

If you have a neutral room and want to add some personality, add a colorful backsplash. To make a tile mosaic behind the kitchen sink or oven, pick up tiles in the desired color and size, and apply them using grout. You can be as creative as you'd like, but using tiles that are all the same size simplifies the project. If you want to  create a pattern, lay the tiles out in the desired pattern before setting them in place to prevent mistakes.

Install an Island

If you are pressed for counter space, an island is an addition that you will appreciate day after day. Choose an island that features ample storage space to streamline meal prep, and opt for a design that suits the overall layout of the kitchen. Even those with small kitchens can use a portable island to simplify meal prep and add a touch of style to the kitchen.

To make your own budget-friendly kitchen island, renovate a console table by painting it and adding wheels. Sand the table lightly before painting to ensure the paint adheres to the table. To complete the project, add a decorative drawer pull to hold kitchen towels, and add matching hooks for your most-used kitchen tools.

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