The Future of Real Estate? Zenplace Introduces Robot-Guided Tours

Posted on Feb 2 2018 - 4:22pm by Jameson Doris

zenplaceFrom augmented reality to smart apartments, tech has had a major impact on the real estate industry in the past few years; however, as more and more aspects of the home-buying and renting processes become automated, a general nervousness has taken hold. One company, however, is helping to transform the industry while keeping agents completely involved: Zenplace.

Late last year, the award-winning artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning company Zenplace introduced a service that allows prospective tenants to see properties using robots as their tour guides. The robots are essentially movable screens that give tours guided by agents via live video feed. In addition to tours, the robots give property information, neighborhood insights, real-time rental trends and on-the-spot rental application.

"We closely partner and work with numerous agents and brokers, serving as their preferred partner for property management services," Rahul Mewawalla, CEO of Zenplace, tells Housecall. "As top-ranked agents and brokers focus on growing their transactions business, we fit in perfectly to complement their offerings with our property management services."

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"Disruption" is a very popular word today, and, although Zenplace's technologies fit the bill, the company is disrupting the industry in a way that is beneficial to real estate professionals. Zenplace is helping agents drive higher returns and lower costs for property owners and landlords using a combination of technology.

Based in San Francisco, Calif., Zenplace was named one of the "Top Disruptors in Real Estate" last year by Disruptor Daily and is backed by institutions that have invested in Google, Facebook and PayPal.

"From my more than 11 years in the business, I know that owners are looking for a better property management solution for their properties," Rabia Levy, a real estate agent at Zenplace Property Management, tells Housecall. "[Zenplace] brings an innovative approach to leasing that addresses the key needs of property owners."

To utilize Zenplace, property owners simply enter their address online, submit some basic information and the company can begin renting out and managing their property within minutes. As for potential renters, you simply text a number to get an unlock code and the AI robot inside the home or apartment you're interested in provides a guided tour.

Zenplace is giving real estate professionals an incredible view into what the industry could look like in the years to come. As much more of the home-buying and renting experience becomes automated, this tech should be a heartening indicator to agents that their place in real estate is secure for the foreseeable future.

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