Looking for a Secret Lair? Zillow Presents Incredibles’ Home Listing

Posted on Jun 8 2018 - 10:55am by Liz Dominguez


Everyone's favorite superhero family—The Incredibles—is speeding, stretching and zapping its way back to the big screen on June 15 for the sequel: Incredibles 2. And if you've ever wondered how these crime-fighting vigilantes live, Zillow now has the answers.

Listed as "off market," 1444 Incredible Way, Municiberg—a four-bedroom, four-bath mid-century mansion with a whopping 19,962 square feet—may now show up for homebuyers perusing through the site.


The perks? Most of the amenities that today's homebuyers are looking for: a huge yard, sprawling living spaces with multiple fireplaces, smart-home features, an infinity pool and what everyone hopes for—a garage concealed by a waterfall.


And with designer touches like a floating teak staircase, top floor sundial and skylight, and terrazzo and marble flooring, this home would make the perfect spot to entertain. Who doesn't want to jump off the natural rock formations into reflection pools? And that chef-inspired kitchen? So much counter space!


But best of all? The whole property is a secret lair that boasts a surveillance system with a secret control panel, as well as multiple hidden entrances. Privacy would never be an issue!


The cons? The property likely has ridiculously high taxes—a number Zillow fails to reveal. And even though maintenance may be minimized with all of the gadgets and tech features the home offers, that's a lot of space to take care of. Of course, superheroes can probably find a way to make cleaning a fun activity instead of a chore.

Agents, what would you price this home at?

Source: www.zillow.com


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