Virtual Assistants Are Indispensable in Today’s Real Estate Environment

Posted on Jul 27 2020 - 4:38pm by Housecall

By Daniel Ramsey

Nowadays, REALTORS® are making it clear to their clients that they're practicing effective social distancing. REALTORS® are also rapidly adopting new strategies in order to maintain effective business in today's market.

To earn the trust of those who are looking to buy and sell, virtual solutions for real estate are more important today than ever before. These virtual solutions and tools are not only technological advancements, they're also the human talent that allow virtual operations to be the efficient, profitable and sustainable.

The Needed Talent of Real Estate Virtual Assistants

During the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual assistants for real estate—once a niche service—have become increasingly popular and an indispensable tool for many real estate businesses. A full-time real estate virtual assistant can fulfill vital administrative, marketing and sales roles for real estate offices, such as digital marketing, inside sales, prospecting, administrative assistance and transaction coordination.

The amount of available providers of real estate virtual assistants is highly saturated with varying types of offerings, price points and quality of service.

While many providers of real estate virtual assistants only offer staffing, longtime reputable providers, such as MyOutDesk, offer stringent talent matching, organization templates and action plans, software for virtual assistant management and productivity tracking, professional development training and client solutions akin to high-quality HR.

Virtual Assistants: Experts at Helping Real Estate Businesses in These Times

While the economy is experiencing a downturn, real estate businesses are proactively focusing efforts on building more sustainable operations, nurturing relationships and ultimately being of service. In these times, REALTORS® understand that career-oriented assistants are already work-from-home experts, and adding virtual assistant talent helps to increase productive and organized remote teams.

REALTORS® are seeing high returns on investments when adding professional virtual assistant talent to the mix while purporting lower overhead costs (at up to 70 percent savings when compared to hiring a traditional employee).

Talented Labor Without Local Limitations

This year, real estate firms and brokerages realize, more than ever before, that many functions can be done remotely and don't require physical space. Real estate virtual assistants for recruitment, marketing and administrative roles are cost-effective and allow more freedom for local teams to focus on closing more deals.

One of MyOutDesk's favorite stories is from a client, Amy, who hired a MyOutDesk virtual assistant—an inside sales agent named Rex, whose goal is to make at least 100 calls per day. In less than a year, Rex set 199 appointments, and out of those, Amy closed 142 transactions—resulting in $7 million in trackable sales volume and over $200,000 in GCI.

Since 2008, MyOutDesk has been one of the single largest industry-leading providers of virtual assistant services—not only for thousands of agents and brokers, but also, national franchises like Keller Williams, RE/MAX, eXp Realty, Sotheby's International Realty, and more.

MyOutDesk brings 13 years of expertise with more than 6,000 clients and 600-plus verified five-star reviews. Founded during the last major recession, MyOutDesk is helping businesses in today's economy with monthly CEO mastermind calls, stringent talent recruitment, timely strategy guides and regular professional development webinars.

After several years of working in the real estate industry, Daniel Ramsey—founder and CEO of MyOutDesk—realized that REALTORS® spend too much time doing tasks that are necessary, but highly administrative, routine and time-consuming. Working overtime becomes necessary in order to finish all these tasks and keep in touch with clients and generate new business. In 2008, he founded MyOutDesk with a vision to provide REALTORS® with indispensable leverage through real estate virtual professionals to aid them in regaining time and freedom and have the ability to grow their business, all while reducing costs. To learn more, please visit


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