RealEdge Podcast Ep. 27: ‘Leading With Safety’ With Tracey Hawkins

Posted on Oct 25 2021 - 12:48pm by Housecall
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The real estate industry is a dangerous one. Even for agents who feel capable, even in areas that seem safe, there is always the possibility of a life-or-death situation arising during the many long hours agents spend alone, often in unfamiliar neighborhoods. Enter Tracey Hawkins, a former real estate agent who now shows other real estate professionals how to keep themselves safe as they work. But teaching people how to react when a stranger pulls a gun, or the most important technologies to protect your property is only part of what Tracey does. “Leading With Safety,” which she calls her “theme song,” is actually a much larger philosophy that can grow business, retain clients and maximize your potential in the market.

To listen or view Episode 27: “Leading With Safety” – How Reacting, Preparing and Training Protects Agents and Grows Businesses

In this episode of RISMedia’s RealEdge, listen as Tracey dives into specific examples and practices that might just save your life—and could definitely save your business.

On this week’s episode you’ll learn:

4:40 – When having or using pepper spray for self defense is legal
6:17 – Why “Leading With Safety” is vital for client relationships
8:29 – Why everyone needs safety training regardless of how strong or capable they feel
12:55 – What it looks like when a person handles a life-threatening situation correctly
16:20 – If being accosted by police is a safety issue, and how to avoid alarming neighbors
20:26 – How safety can drive revenue
21:11 – What a “seller security checklist” is and how to use it to create leads
27:07 – What the most important safety tool is that all agents have
28:30 – What technologies agents already use that will keep them safe
32:39 – How to incorporate safety into your overall business

About Tracey Hawkins

Tracey founded her safety business in Kansas City, Missouri in 1995, after working as a real estate agent and running a retail store selling safety equipment. She has contributed to multiple major new outlets including the Boston Globe, CNN, the Washington Post and ABC News, and created the first real estate safety designation. She has also spoken and presented to brokerages across the country, as well as at major National Association of REALTOR® (NAR) events.