4 Restorative Mobile Home Repairs

Posted on Sep 16 2022 - 10:30am by Paige Brown, Managing Editor

By Lizzie Weakley 

When your mobile home is in need of repairs, you may think these tasks are difficult and time-consuming. However, most common restorative mobile home repairs are much easier than people anticipate. Whether you choose to make the repairs a DIY project, or instead, call in the pros to handle the job, your mobile home can be looking like new in no time. Once you've got your tools and are ready to get started, here are four repairs commonly done to mobile homes.

Skirting Repair
The skirting around the bottom of your mobile home serves very important functions. Along with protecting the lower part of your mobile home from nasty weather, it also helps keep pests from getting underneath your home. Most skirting is made of vinyl, and often gets damaged from weed eaters. To solve this problem, you can patch the holes and then install skirt guards along the bottom edge.

Mobile Home Roofing
If your mobile home roof is leaking, don't delay in getting it fixed. Water leaks can do large amounts of damage to mobile homes in a short period of time, since the water can quickly travel all along your roof and ceiling. If you have a shingle roof on your mobile home, you can call on a residential roofing contractor to either replace missing shingles or possibly install a new roof if yours is older or extensively damaged.

Front Door Replacement
On most mobile homes, front doors will wear out very fast due to the screw holes getting stripped. Should you be dealing with this problem, you will need to install a new door. If so, remember that most doors you will find at big-box home improvement stores are made primarily for traditional housing, not mobile homes. Therefore, you will need to buy your new door from a mobile home parts dealer.

Window Frame Replacement
Finally, the time may come when you need to replace some of the windows in your mobile home. While you may need to do so because a window is broken, many mobile homes tend to develop problems with their window frames. Unless you know what you are doing regarding this repair, you should rely on experts to do the job. If you measure incorrectly or don't properly install the window frame, you'll have additional problems on your hands.

Like a traditional home, your mobile home will occasionally need some TLC in terms of maintenance. By knowing the scope of the job and whether or not it is a viable DIY project, you can save time and money while ensuring the job gets done right the first time.

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