Ello: Will Next Wave of ‘Pure’ Social Media Help Agents?

Posted on Oct 11 2014 - 4:29am by Suzanne De Vita
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elloThough social networking platform Ello made its debut earlier this year, the site recently gained traction among users fed up with Facebook’s mind games – specifically, a borderline obsessive policy change enforcing the use of government-recognized names on member profiles. Zuck and crew have since clarified the policy, but that didn’t stop disgruntled users from jumping ship for good. In search of a healthier relationship with social media, they (and celebrities like Miley Cyrus) have turned to Ello for a no-strings-attached alternative.

What exactly does that mean? Ello doesn’t require real names, for starters. It doesn’t sell your information to third parties. And, oh, yeah – it’s completely free of advertisements.

Sounds like a sweet upgrade, considering how many promotional posts you have to scroll through on Facebook and Twitter. If you explore the platform, you’ll notice that some major players have climbed aboard the Ello bandwagon. Not every brand is represented (yet), but Netflix, the Wall Street Journal and a suspicious-looking test page for the New York Times have cropped up, signaling a demonstrated interest in Ello as a quasi-underground marketing tool. No ads? No problem!

Can real estate professionals benefit similarly? Social networking aside, how can they utilize the platform for business?

Ello’s unique aesthetic may be its calling card. The site’s design is in stark contrast to its counterparts, with a minimalist, monochromatic theme that elevates the concept of simple to life-on-the-farm status. Joe Meirose, a luxury real estate photographer in Sackets Harbor, N.Y., was drawn to Ello for that very reason.

“Professional imagery of a real estate listing is absolutely paramount,” Meirose says. “Poorly-done images of an otherwise beautiful estate can leave a negative lasting impression. Ello is a breath of fresh air right now because we finally have a social media platform to share visuals in a high-quality presentation.”

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But there’s an important distinction to be made here. Meirose showcases his images in the same way a photographer would use a digital portfolio – not to market the listing. It’s unclear where Ello draws the line on posts aimed to market homes. With personal and professional lines so often blurred in real estate, it remains to be seen whether a post about a listing or open house post would violate Ello’s policy.

Per the network’s website:

Ello's entire structure is based around a no-ad and no data-mining policy. Quite frankly, were we to break this commitment, we would lose most of the Ello community. Including ourselves, because we dislike ads more than almost anyone else out there. Which is why we built Ello in the first place.

As of this writing, the site is invitation-only, though new users can request an invite on the site.

Will you join Ello?

Joe Meirose is a New York-based professional photographer specializing in luxury real estate, landscape and tourism and commercial industries. Connect with him on Ello or at FullFrameWorksPhotography.com.


Suzanne De Vita
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