The Most, and Least, Desired Home Styles

Posted on Mar 8 2024 - 10:30am by Housecall
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By Claudia Larsen

Keeping up with trends in the real estate market goes beyond following the data of home prices, mortgage rates and so on. A big part of staying on top of the housing market is knowing what styles and types of homes clients are more interested in. You have to follow whether the ranch is in or out, and if internet fad’s like tiny homes are becoming popular enough for you to start bringing them as an option to clients. 

Where can you turn to stay on top of these trends? American Home Shield’s new report has the answers.

AHS’s new report analyzed Zillow listings across the U.S. to reveal the most and least admired of the country’s most common home styles (out of a list of 65 architectural styles) by median daily listing views. 

Octagon style homes take the top spot, with 56 daily views on Zillow. The AHS report references the style’s rarity and uniqueness as why it may attract so much attention. Stick style follows closely in second with 51.1 views, characterized by boards placed in “Tudor-style” patterns across the outside walls, tall vertical windows and overhanging eaves.

The top 10 most desired home styles:

  1. Octagon style (56 daily views)
  2. Stick style (51.1 views)
  3. Ranch style (49.3 views)
  4. Neo-Mediterranean style (43.5 views)
  5. Shingle style (41.5 views)
  6. Dutch colonial (31.6 views)
  7. Cape cod (30.7 views)
  8. Prairie style (23.2 views)
  9. Townhouse (21.2 views)
  10. Mid-century modern (20.1 views)

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, shipping container homes are the least desired style of home at only 2.8 daily views. An internet fad, the home attracts more attention in circles of DIY home builders rather than those searching for Zillow listings. Tidewater homes, coastal homes with wraparound porches and a raised base to avoid flooding, follow behind at 3.1 views.

The 10 least desired home styles:

  1. Shipping container (2.8 daily views)
  2. Tidewater (3.1 views)
  3. Tiny house (3.5 views)
  4. Beaux arts (5 views)
  5. Art deco (5.1 views)
  6. New traditional (5.2 views)
  7. Federal (5.2 views)
  8. Art moderne (8.4 views)
  9. A-frame (10.1 views)
  10. Log cabin (10.9 views)

For the full report, click here.

Claudia Larson is an associate editor for RISMedia.