The Good, the Bad and the Tacky: Holiday Decorating Don’ts

Posted on Dec 10 2015 - 12:14pm by Nick Caruso

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is gawking at tawdry, awkward and straight up weird holiday decorations. I can't help it. There's so much fun to be had rubbernecking at tacky decorations! I blame my strange fascination on this guy:

But there can be lessons learned in witnessing the good, the bad and the tacky. Lessons for all of us, like how not to decorate your home for the merriest, jolliest season of them all! I've searched high and low for some of the strangest and most repulsive holiday decorations around, and here's what I found:

The Holiday "Tree"

Holiday Tree

This might be how the holidays are celebrated in Hawaii, but if your home is located within the continental United States, you probably want to avoid a tropical feel. It's going to look really silly if/when we are "blessed" with some frosty white snow. (Someone, please explain this to my Connecticut.)

The Clark Griswold Home

Clark Griswold

Guess this homeowner never heard of the saying "less is more." Have we learned nothing from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation? And think of that electric bill! (We thought energy-efficiency was in this year!) If your home looks like this, you probably have a fire hazard (or 10) on your hands. Yikes!

The Can of Christmas


So much for taking the commercialization out of the holidays. An ornament of my favorite mixer soda isn't my personal favorite choice for ornamenting my tree...

Bizarre Ornaments, Part Deux


These merman ornaments can almost definitely be found on Derek Zoolander's tree, but aspiring to be like Derek isn't something we, as homeowners, should strive for! I honestly don't know what else to say here. MER-MAN!

Why Even Bother!?


Google is your friend. Or actually...maybe just don't decorate instead.

Santa's (Creepy) Commode

santa's commode

Some might find the notion of a Santa-decorated toilet to be...cute? It makes me sort of uncomfortable. But hey - we aren't total Scrooges here at Housecall, so we'll call this one a draw. Decorate your toilets freely, if you must!

Have any decorating dont's to share? Please do! Comment below, tweet us or email!

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