Fireplace Envy Rears Its Head as Seasons Shift

Posted on Dec 20 2016 - 10:49am by Paige Tepping

Curling up in front of the fireplace has long been a source of warmth and comfort as Old Man Winter tries to break us down with bitter cold temperatures, mind-numbingly harsh winds and inclement weather.

But like everything else in the home, the beloved fireplace of yesteryear (aka the simple brick cutout with a mesh screen positioned just so) has become just another area homeowners don’t dare leave untouched.

So throw on your comfiest clothes, stoke up the fire and check out some of these beauties.

Pic 1

Simple and elegant, this fireplace blends right in with your current décor. (Credit: Murray Homes)


Can’t decide which room to call home? No worries! This see-through fireplace solves that dilemma quickly and easily. Bonus points for built-in storage. (Credit:


If you’ve been sans fireplace due to lack of space, an electric fireplace—hung vertically—will take all your troubles away. (Credit:


View? What view? This fireplace will bring warmth to any room, never detracting from the view. (Credit:


For those of us who are artists at heart—and really, who isn’t?—a little creativity can go a long way when it comes to creating a masterpiece that will undoubtedly be the topic of conversation among friends and family alike. (Credit:


Make a statement and let your fireplace shine as the true center of attention.  (Credit:


Indoor fire pit for the win! (Credit:


What can be better than soaking in front of the fire? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just make sure you close the curtains. Your neighbors will thank you.  (Credit:

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