Building Stronger Client Relationships: 5 Ways to Get Social With It

Posted on Jun 12 2017 - 4:12pm by Housecall
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blogStrong client relationships mean more referrals and loyalty when it’s time for a couple to upgrade from their starter home to a bigger one. When it comes to the basics, using social media platforms isn’t much different than social strategy and interaction in real life.

Don’t let social media scare you as a real estate agent. Use it as an opportunity to engage with area clients, neighborhoods and groups, while adding a boost to your marketing strategies and building social trust and capital.

For your marketing efforts, reaching friends of friends on social sites like Facebook will increase the number of engaged eyes on your listings and get those properties sold or rented. Each platform is different, reaching various demographics. It’s important to know what demographic and type of audience you’re trying to reach when engaging on social media platforms.

Get social with it! Target your posts wisely with these five social sharing tips to build stronger client relationships:

1. Pinterest Builds Listing Interest

Pinterest is popular for DIY crafts, recipes and fashion for a reason. The way Pinterest boards are designed grabs attention for instant inspiration, and people save pins the way they clip coupons.

On Pinterest, create a board showcasing the newest listings, or create boards for new listings in different areas. Create another board as a gallery filled with images of amazing architecture linking to an educational blog post. Talk about renovations sellers have made that may inspire loyal customers to do similar remodels, and pin the post.

Who knows? That pin could lead a friend of a friend to inquire about a listing. Curate special boards to target specific audiences, such as “My Dream Home,” “Room Decor Ideas for Kids” or “The Best Fixer-Uppers.” Keep descriptions short, and only use high-quality images. Always link back to your site.

2. Use Instagram or Snapchat for Storytelling

Instagram is a wonderful platform for sharing eye-catching images of listings with an appropriate hashtag, especially when revealing a new listing or rebuilding interest in an old one. Instagram is the place strangers go to search for specific hashtags, and that stranger is likely to directly message you with interest in a listing. One quality image has ROI power, but video tours do even more.

Instagram recently created their own “stories” function, which is very similar to Snapchat stories—and these aren’t only for angsty teens. Create quick mini-tours of listings with Instagram and Snapchat, building interest and suspense through your posts. You’ll also want to share these across Facebook and Twitter to help build a following.

Snaps on Snapchat eventually expire, and these video posts are perfect for mini-reveals of homes, such as beautiful gardens or architecture in rooms. Give a larger oversight of the home in a 15-second teaser tour, for example.

3. Show Awareness on Facebook

Social media is about sharing, and it’s wonderful to share how you respond to and support causes in your area. Show your awareness of issues on Facebook, connecting with your audience on causes you are all passionate about. Share ways your audience can help raise awareness or engage, by participating in a marathon run for breast cancer or attending a cookout benefit for autism.

Property Management, Inc. built trust in their community in Pennsylvania by showing their awareness and support of causes on Facebook. Their strategies go beyond finding the best place to work and live, because prospective buyers want to already feel like a part of the community. One of the best ways to do this is to show what you care about. Since PMI’s staff consists of largely women, PMI staff consistently shows up, such as on #WearRedDay, to “Go Red for Women.”

This is a great example of women supporting women, drawing in more prospective female buyers to engage with the agency. The staff clearly cares and didn’t only do this as a strategy.

That’s the key part. What causes do you earnestly care about and want to show awareness for? Get social with it!

4. Show Interest in Neighborhood and City Happenings

Since prospective buyers want to already feel like a part of the community, it’s also wise for real estate agencies to show interest in neighborhood and city happenings. Build specific Twitter lists to get updates from architecture firms and the local chamber of commerce, for example.

Turn around and share these updates. Visit the sites and ask questions. Provide updates and relevant information to the community about exciting projects and how it will improve lifestyle in the area. Share social events, too!

Zoom in on an odd city feature in a high-quality photo, and post it. Ask your audience on Instagram or Facebook to guess where you are, and offer an award for the correct answer. Then, provide interesting facts about the history of a property or neighborhood you’ve showcased.

5. Applaud Client Successes

Share client success stories, but not so it sounds like a gimmick for attention. Genuinely celebrate and applaud clients. For example, showcase and welcome a first-time homeowner on Possession Day, when the keys unlock the door, with a dog happily making laps around the big back yard.

Remember, don’t mention or tag clients’ names without their permission. However, sharing stories will show clients you care and follow up. The fun and heartwarming photos will inspire the audience and be personally rewarding for you.

Don’t be afraid of social media. Use it to market your listings in engaging ways that show you care about the neighborhoods, homes and your clients. Applaud client success. Give mini-tours on Instagram and sneak-peek snaps on Snapchat.

As you congratulate your clients in person and interact with the community at large, do the same online with social media platforms. By getting social with it, you’ll build stronger client relationships that are mutually rewarding.

Ready to get social with it? Visit and start powering your social media pages today!