How You Can Increase Referrals During the Holidays

Posted on Dec 4 2017 - 3:13pm by Liz Dominguez
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holiday referralsThe holiday season is the perfect time of year to check in on clients and boost your referrals. Without constant follow-up, clients will likely forget about a real estate agent that helped them buy or sell a few years back. Here are some tips for staying top-of-mind so you receive a constant string of referral business:

Throw a party. Everyone likes an excuse to go out for free entertainment and food. What better way to show clients you care than throwing a party in their honor? A client holiday party is the perfect occasion for letting clients know how thankful you are for their business. Ugly holiday sweater parties are trending right now and are a fun excuse to wear comfortable clothing to a party. They are sure to remember the event and it's a great opportunity for clients to speak with each other about what a great experience they had during the home-buying process.

Add a photo booth with print-out images that are branded to you or a photo backdrop with a professional photographer. Using a Christmas tree as a backdrop will incentivize people to take pictures during this time of year. Let clients keep a copy and use the saved images to create a collage or social media post you can share. Not only will attendees love this, but it's also a great way to show the public how you go above and beyond for your clients. Make sure you add a call to action on your social media posts to attract new business.

Give away goodies. If a party is too big of a commitment, set aside a day or two for laid-back holiday meetups in the office. Decorate the space with seasonal decor and give away themed goodies, such as fruitcake, spiced cookies and candy canes. If you have a TV in your office, play something holiday-related, like the Yule Log. Setting the scene will get your clients in the holiday spirit, making it a more memorable event. Your goal is to be remembered when it comes time for real estate referrals.

Have a sweepstakes. A contest is a fun way to show you're thankful for past business while also making it an interactive experience. Check with your brokerage for any restrictions on gifting and contest wording. A "How many holiday M&Ms in a Santa hat?" competition on social media is thematic and an easy way for clients to submit their guesses.

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Drop off a gift. If you're on a time crunch this month and the above options don't work for you, set aside some time after-hours to drop off gifts to your most active clients. While not as effective, you can also mail out some goody bags. This is an easy way to remind clients that you're still around should they need anything real estate-related. Give out small treats like chocolate-covered pretzels or small chocolate truffle boxes.

Send a holiday email. At the very least, send your clients a Happy Holidays email. Try to personalize it for every recipient, if possible. And include a seasonal picture of yourself or your team so it doesn't come across as generic and forgettable.

Remember, anything you give away or send to your clients should be branded or have a branded thank you card attached. And always mention you are available for any real estate referrals. That is, after all, the end goal.