Brick Faux Wall Panels vs. Real Brick: Pros and Cons

Posted on Feb 21 2018 - 1:27pm by Housecall

brick wallBy Brian Kampe

Utilized by builders for its stability, permanence and natural beauty, brick has long been a defining architectural detail of historic properties. And when it comes to interiors, exposed brick walls can add texture, warmth and personality to any setting.

Unfortunately, because it's incredibly heavy and requires the specialized skills of a mason, using brick as a building material or design choice is traditionally considered to be outside the realm of most DIYers.

However, more and more homeowners and DIY enthusiasts are discovering an easy-to-use alternative that evokes the natural beauty and appeal of brick—without all the heavy lifting.

Brick Faux Wall Panels vs. Real Brick

Cost-effective, durable, and, best of all, easy to install—brick faux wall panels have become incredibly popular in recent years among homeowners and designers looking to create the look of real brick.

The lightweight panels are designed to be easy to install for any DIYer using construction adhesive and an ordinary electric drill.

Additional advantages of using faux brick paneling include:

  • Cost – Brick faux wall panels enable homeowners to create realistic environments at a fraction of the cost of real brick.
  • Weight – In addition to ease of installation, weight also impacts a project budget through higher transportation costs for the materials.
  • Durability – Real brick can last for centuries, but it's also vulnerable to chipping and cracking. And bricks that become damaged are difficult to replace. Brick wall panels are far less vulnerable to such damage.
  • Maintenance – Real brick can be dusty and messy, which is why using a special sealant is recommended. Left unsealed, porous brick walls also attract dirt and can be nearly impossible to clean. Faux brick wall panels clean easily and require little to no maintenance.
  • Color and Style Options – Real brick, found mostly in shades of red, also comes in a few other colors that may or may not be easily available. Brick wall paneling is available in a much wider variety of styles; plus, at least one manufacturer offers custom colors and color-matching capabilities.

With Versatile Faux Wall Panels, You Can Build It

Since they're ideal for a range of interior and exterior projects, high-quality faux wall panels add considerable versatility to your home improvement options. For example, people are using them for everything from interior and exterior detail walls to kitchen backsplashes and rustic-looking fireplace settings.

In a business setting, they can be used for retail displays and interiors, innovative signage, and more. In addition to enhancing residential and retail spaces, faux wall panels can add a distinctive touch in hospitality, entertainment and trade show environments.

Versatility is key—even more so when you consider that faux wall paneling is available not just in brick, but also in other simulated materials such as wood, stone, slate, metal and even bamboo.

All things considered, nothing beats the look and feel of a real brick wall, but faux wall panels are a versatile, visually appealing alternative. And faux wall panels offer countless options that will save you time and money while bringing your vision to life with realistic results.

Brian Kampe is CEO of Texture Plus, a leading U.S. manufacturer of faux wall panels. He brings more than 25 years of product development and customer focus to create innovative building material solutions for both industry and consumers. For more information, please visit

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  1. Los Angeles Remodeler February 28, 2018 at 3:20 am -

    Definitely when considering price and style options the faux would be the way to go. Realistically being able to have any color you want for any purpose style wise would be the reason for most to go with this option. Being able to have yellow bricks in varying shades for your brick wall will definitely be the eye-catcher of the home!

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