Drool Over These Epic Indoor Slides

Posted on May 11 2017 - 12:52pm by Zoe Eisenberg

We’ve covered many-a-fun house feature here on Housecall, from 3D floors to wacky kitchens, aquatic living rooms and bedazzled bathrooms. But when it comes to cool features, what is more fun (and frivolous) than a house decked out with an indoor slide? These homeowners know how to have a good time and I’ll bet not all of these slippery babies are for the kids. Behold, four fun indoor slides to make you super jelly.

Zippy Yellow



Seemingly straight out of the movie "Big," this vibrant London townhouse allows you to slip from the master bedroom to the dining room in seconds. And doesn’t that sunflower yellow give you all the good feels? Also, pay mind to that pillow pit. This setup is ideal for hours of safe, slippery fun. Just look how happy that family is! This could be you, if only you would install an indoor slide...

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Something about the style of this slide makes me think of Play-Doh. But still, it's pretty rad, or at the very least, a great pick up line. "Want to come back to my place and check out my slide...?" Who could say no to that?

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Sleek ride


This silver baby is marketed as a kid’s slide, and if that’s the case, call me a child and sign me up! It's rare something as ostentatious as a giant indoor slide looks good with the decor, but this design nailed it. Can't you just imagine some hotshot CEO sliding downstairs in the morning in her bathrobe and slippers? Maybe even somehow balancing a coffee cup?

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If you have an indoor pool, an indoor slide is sort of a must. If this was the sitch in your home, you'd have a guaranteed party spot. Just stand at the top and holler, "I am a golden god!"

almost famous

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