Home Renovation for (Less than) the Cost of an iPhone 8

Posted on Oct 3 2017 - 11:00am by Housecall
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Young couple making home redecorationBy the experts at Home Advisor

With every new iPhone release, we discover new ways we can’t live without our devices. The iPhone 8 is water proof, rust proof, and has the most durable glass yet. It has enhanced stereo speakers, wireless charging, a stellar camera, and more. However, it comes at a hefty price: $699-$949.

You may see that price tag and think, there is so much I could do with $1,000! And you’re right. With $1,000, you could buy a thousand donuts, fly to Europe and back, or even take a couple of cruises.

Or, you could tackle a home renovation which will add value and character to your home. You may be surprised by the scope of projects you can pursue with a $1,000 budget. Here are a few to get you inspired.

Swap out your old front door.

The front door is a signature part of your home’s first impression. If you’re selling your property, a brand-new door in a flattering color can help draw buyers. If you’re renovating for yourself, you can choose a door that speaks to your personality and makes your house feel fresh.

Front Door Installation:

Give your bathroom an upgrade.

With this budget, you can have both your toilet and your sink replaced professionally. These two elements can instantly change the way your bathroom looks and feels. Seriously--each installation should take less than two hours! If you’ve always wanted a porcelain vessel sink, consider treating yourself now.

Sink Installation: $400
Toilet Installation: $400

Get the kitchen island you’ve been dreaming of.

Didn’t realize you could have kitchen island for less than 1k? Now that you know, it’s time to get to planning! These fixtures afford so many conveniences. You can chop and prepare foods, create an eating area, or use their drawers and cabinets for storage. You can get a medium moveable island with cabinets and a butcher block top for $225-$550. Built-in ones typically range in price from $500-$2,000.

Kitchen Island Installation: $130-$2,000

Ditch that rickety garage door.

An old garage door can make you feel less secure and bring down your curb appeal. With a new one, you can change up the color and style, and consider useful features like insulation. Some homeowners brave this as a DIY renovation, but that approach is not recommended. These doors are heavy, and if the electrical system is compromised during the installation, you could be looking at a big headache.

Garage door installation: $1,000

Try your hand at a DIY project

You can make some excellent additions to your property all on your own, with a little bit of handy work. Follow a step-by-step guide or buy a ready-made unit to guarantee correct installation, and you’ll be flying through the renovation like a pro. Here are a few which will come in under $1,000.

Add cabinets to your laundry room. You’ll wonder how you’ve ever lived without them. Even one or two cabinets can make a huge difference, allowing you store laundry items out of sight and keep the room more manageable. Basic cabinets run about $150-$200 each.

Treat yourself to built-in bookshelves. It sounds more complicated than it has to be. You can actually purchase pre-made shelving units and install them yourself for $200-$500. Gather all of those books and knick-knacks from cluttered surfaces and integrate them into one cohesive, organized space.

Spruce up your outdoor space with a “bistro patio.” This is a big project, but it will be well worth it to have an outdoor gathering space for those good-weather days. These patios are typically 7x7, which is a perfect size for the DIY-inclined. Outfit it with a few chairs and a firepit, for casual nights under the stars. Materials cost anywhere from $400-$900.

There are many possibilities, with a budget the size of an iPhone 8 price tag. Each of them has the potential to add value to your house, by upping the curb appeal and creating useful amenities. If you have $1,000 to put toward a home renovation, you can make it go a long way with any of these high-impact projects.