How to Make Your Home Attractive to Environmentally-Conscious Buyers

Posted on Dec 13 2017 - 12:29pm by Housecall
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environmentally conscious By Hannah Whittenly

More buyers are becoming attracted to houses that are designed with the environment in mind; therefore, sellers must package their homes in a way that scores some eco-friendly points. Below are four ways you can make your homes more attractive to this type of buyer.

Install Solar Panels

Having solar panels installed makes potential buyers quickly see how they can save energy and thus save money. Solar panels make the eco-friendly efforts visible and tangible. In addition to conserving power, any extra energy the solar panels generate can be sold off to the national grid. It might look like a costly investment, but it can attract more buyers, and you can recover your solar installation costs from the proceeds of the sale.

Use Plants

Plants make a property seem more lively and cheerful. You can also use artificial plants, as they do an excellent job of beautifying the place without requiring constant care. Place some potted plants and flowers throughout the rooms to inject life into your home. In addition to adding plants, Apartment Therapy advises that you invest in an air purifier to improve the air quality in your house.

Perform Environmental Assessments

To ensure that your home and yard are eco-friendly, you can employ the services of environmental assessment consultants. These professionals will assess your home environment in various areas like health and ecological risks, monitoring of air quality, and management of waste, among others. Through this, they will ensure that you have complied with all relevant regulations and have met the necessary environment-related thresholds.

Get Certifications

There are different certifications given to houses that prove they were designed with eco-friendliness in mind. Secure a certification for your home, and, if provided by a widely acknowledged accreditation bureau, it will improve the value of your house for eco-minded buyers.

Failure to present your house as an environmentally-friendly property can be a deal-breaker for buyers. The eco-friendly nature of the house must not just be intrinsic; it must be visible. Potential buyers must be able to see that the house is just right for them. Coupled with your explanations, ensure no element of your home fails to be noticed by buyers.

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and ocean explorer.