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Posted on Jul 16 2019 - 1:50pm by Zoe Eisenberg
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Credit: Anthony Djon Luxury Real Estate

Name: Anthony Djon
Official Title: Brand Founder, Anthony Djon Luxury Real Estate
Years in Real Estate: 10
Number of Team Members: 25
Number of Offices: 1
Region Served: Michigan

What’s the first thing you do when you get to the office?
Drink coffee.

When you place branding ads on real estate sites, what are you hoping to accomplish?
We definitely want our names to be embedded in the brains of potential buyers and sellers. When they think of buying or selling, we want them to think of us first and contact us. Using the Local Expert ads with® has been great at accomplishing this. We own a lot of zip codes with, so we brand ourselves heavily in select markets we really want to dominate in. When we contact a client, they feel like they know us because they have been seeing our names pop on their screens over and over, so it creates great brand familiarity, even if they don’t actually know us yet.

What is driving consumers to research agents as well as homes?
It’s incredible how wonderful the consumer intelligence has grown when it comes to selecting a real estate agent. They no longer just go with the flow and hire the first agent they hear of; they research REALTORS® like they research doctors. They are looking at reviews and finding out how long agents have been working, what their prior customer experiences have been like, and they’re doing this because they want to have a good experience.

People want to work with us because we have the highest sales and highest reviews in the area. Due to the branding and advertising we have, people can easily see that and easily find us, and when people talk with us, they have a higher appreciation for someone with our brand than, say, another agent who is not as visible or has less reviews and sales.

How do your listing ads help you with cultivating sellers?
One of the biggest perks for our sellers, and one of the reasons they sign on with us, is that they know if we take their listing on, they’re not only visible on the MLS, but they will have extra exposure in the territories we own through targeted marketing.

Do you show active marketing campaigns to your potential sellers?
Yes, and it’s quite detailed. When we go to an appointment, we highlight where their listing will show up, how it will look and how buyers will find them—we show all these features to the client.

Why use over competitors?
I have a very good rapport with I have been with them from the start of my business. They offer great value to myself and the brand. The customer service is excellent and the quality of the service they provide is second to none. We’ve tried everyone, all of the competitors, but we always stay loyal to because of their loyalty of giving us a superior product.

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