Growing and Slowing: What to Expect for Home Prices, and Where

Posted on Jan 24 2019 - 10:44am by Suzanne De Vita

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As a whole, the housing market's in a period of transition—but that doesn't mean every city's experiencing it the same way.

According to a forecast recently released by Veros, appreciation, on average, is expected to be 3.9 percent in the 100 largest markets this year—but there are areas bucking the trend, and clear patterns where prices are on the rise.

Case in point? Idaho. From Boise to Idaho Falls, home prices are projected to spring up 8 percent or more for the year. Jump one state over to Washington, and prices are projected to sprout there, too. (Hint: It's not Seattle!)

According to the forecast, the top 10 growth markets for the year are:

  1. Boise City-Nampa, Idaho (+9.5%)
  2. Olympia, Wash. (+8.8%)
  3. Midland, Texas (+8.7%)
  4. Idaho Falls, Idaho (+8.6%)
  5. Odessa, Texas (+8.4%)
  6. Pocatello, Idaho (+8.2%)
  7. Bellingham, Wash. (+8.2%)
  8. Mt. Vernon-Anacortes, Wash. (+7.8%)
  9. Boulder, Colo. (+7.7%)
  10. Grand Junction, Colo. (+7.5%)

These aren't the mega metros we're used to seeing in "top 10s." Confined to four states, they're all mid-sized, west of the Mississippi River, and anticipated to average 8.3 percent growth in home values for the year.

What about the opposite side of the spectrum? Check out the infographic for more:

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