Best REALTOR® Lead Generation Tricks That Work In 2021

Posted on Nov 2 2021 - 12:40pm by Paige Brown

Generate more leads for your realty business with these best real estate lead generation tricks. This article is written by our staff approved real estate marketing specialists.

REALTOR® lead generation is constantly evolving. From traditional cold calling to utilizing social media platforms and lead generation sites for REALTORS®, there are many options for real estate agents to grow and develop their pool of leads, both online and offline.

When it comes to lead generation for REALTORS®, it can be difficult to figure out which strategy is right for your business, leaving you feeling defeated with no leads and prospects on the horizon. But, with a few tips and tricks from your friends at RISMedia, you can bring your real estate business to the forefront and generate valuable leads in no time!

In this blog, you will learn how to generate more leads for your real estate business. The REALTOR® lead generation topics covered include:

  • Cold Calls
  • Sphere of Influence
  • Referrals
  • Video Content
  • Blogs

Go Old School With Cold Calls

Cold calling is one old school realtor lead generation trick.

Cold calling, though a seemingly outdated tactic for REALTOR® lead generation, is a tried and true method. Many of today’s agents, especially the younger generation, hate the idea of sitting at their desk and making call after call. After all, those who become real estate agents may choose to do so to avoid a traditional desk job.

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But sticking to this old school lead generation method may just be the trick to generate better and more valuable real estate leads for REALTORS®. By implementing traditional phone work into your lead generation strategy, you are filling a potentially immediate need, which will ultimately lead to better conversations with better results.

Of course, just like any marketing or lead generation tactic, rules apply. When making real estate cold calls, it is important to follow a well-written script. This will not only help you remember important information, but it will help to make you sound more professional so that the person on the other line will have a positive response.

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Check out this article for more information: A Cold Calling Script That Actually Works

Once you have a script ready, be sure to practice with friends, family and coworkers. This will help you develop your message, as well as the opportunity to learn what to do when the caller is interested and how to respond to hearing a “no.”

Connect With Your Sphere of Influence

Another realtor lead generation trick is to utilize your sphere of influence.

A real estate agent’s sphere of influence is a gold mine. Identified by friends, family, social media contacts, acquaintances and past clients, this list of people in your network, both personal and professional, can help you with your lead generation.

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But how exactly can your sphere of influence help you with lead generation? By staying connected! Whether you choose to send out daily or weekly newsletters, share posts on social media or even mail a personalized note, having constant contact with your sphere of influence is important. They should be your primary source for transactions and repeat business, as long as you do your part. Because when you take care of your people, they will take care of you.

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