What Makes Pinterest a Powerful Platform for Real Estate Marketing

Posted on Jun 9 2021 - 3:37pm by Jameson Doris
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If you look over any real estate agent’s social media marketing plan, you will likely see a strong focus on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. However, these aren’t the only platforms where you can attract more prospects.

With over 450 million active users worldwide, Pinterest is an ideal social platform for real estate professionals. In fact, Pinterest welcomed over 100 million new users to the platform in 2020—a 37% rise from 2019.

Pinterest is a very visual social media platform where you can pin images, videos, inspiration and information on boards, directly to your audience. It is also the leading platform for directing traffic to your website. Advertisers on Pinterest are able to reach over 200 million people, according to Hootsuite’s Digital 2021 Global Overview Report.

So, with all of the benefits that Pinterest can offer, why wouldn’t you want to add this platform to your marketing plan? With images and videos becoming more important than ever in real estate, and 44% of homebuyers starting their real estate searches online, Pinterest is a good place to be if you’re looking to grow a successful real estate business.

Here are some helpful tips for any real estate agents looking to break into the Pinterest space:

1. Set up a board for your market.
Whatever market, region or area you serve, Pinterest is a great place to highlight it. Take photos and videos of your city, neighborhood and state, from listing photos to local events and even points of interest. Link all of your posted photos and videos back to your website to capture as many visitors as possible.

2. Create a board for your listings.
Just like linking those images to your website, sharing your for-sale properties offers a chance to get more eyes on your active listings, ultimately giving you an opportunity to attract more leads. In addition to a link, be sure to add a 100 – 200 word description for each listing picture you post to boost interest in your properties.

3. Share tips on interior design.
Pinterest is known for being the hub of creative ideas. From recipes to DIY projects, you can always find inspiration, no matter the subject. Curate an entire board dedicated to home decorating and interior design. Not only will this be visually stimulating for your audience, but it will also give them educational information, attract them to your page and, hopefully, turn them into long-term clients.

4. Host contests and giveaways.
Similar to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Pinterest allows you to host contests and giveaways on the platform. From exclusive content to gift cards, even cross-promotional prizes from other brands, you can increase your brand awareness and interest with contests. Check out these suggested contest ideas for your first, or next, Pinterest giveaway.

5. Optimize your content with hashtags.
When you boil it down, Pinterest is an image search engine. Just like Twitter and Instagram, users can search hashtags to find the content they are looking for. So, whether you post a photo from a current listing, a video of a local event or even a DIY interior design project, be sure to add a few hashtags to optimize your content and boost the chances of your audience finding it faster. Below are a few of the most popular real estate-related hashtags used on Pinterest:

As you build up your social media marketing plan, don’t discount Pinterest. The platform is not only growing in numbers and demographics, but it is also becoming a prime space for advertising and building business. Though it may not be right for every market or agent, it can still be used to connect with your audience, attract new leads and increase traffic to your website and listings.