4 Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them

Posted on Oct 25 2022 - 10:30am by Paige Brown, Managing Editor
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By Lizzie Weakley 

Since your garage door has always opened and closed as it should for so long, you've probably started to take it for granted. Unfortunately, that way of thinking comes crashing to a halt when your garage door suddenly develops a problem. While you may be frustrated, the good news is that most garage door problems are relatively common and easy to fix. Here are four problems you are likely to encounter at some point, along with how they can be fixed.

Door Does Not Completely Close
One of the most common garage door problems you may encounter is having your door decide it does not want to completely close. When this happens over and over, it's likely your door is out of balance or its track is bent or otherwise damaged. Should this be the case, you should have a garage door technician examine your door and enact repairs.

Door Springs are Old or Broken
In many instances when your garage door just stops working altogether, the problem may be with its springs. When these small parts to your door break, they often make a noise that sounds like a firecracker just exploded. If you try to make this repair yourself, you may only make a bad situation worse. To have the torsion springs replaced, you should have technicians who are experienced in garage door spring repair handle the job.

Rollers and Bearings
When the rollers and bearings for your garage door are experiencing problems, this is one repair you can easily handle on your own. The first sign this may be your problem is when you hear squeaking or popping noises when your door is moving. When rollers and bearings are worn out, spraying them with silicone lubricant usually gets them working fine once again.

Blocked Photo Eye Sensors
Your garage door has photo eye sensors that act as safety features to make sure the door does not accidentally close while people, pets, or other objects are underneath it or otherwise in its path. When these sensors get blocked by dirt, dust, or grime, you door won't close properly. To solve this problem, just take a rag or paper towels and give the sensors a quick swipe. After doing so, test the door to make sure the problem is solved.

Rather than panic when your garage door doesn't do as you expect, take a few minutes to find out what's wrong. Whether you can handle the repair yourself or need to call in a professional, it won't be long until your door is once again working properly.

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