Getting the Word Out: 4 Real Estate Strategies for Marketing Your Services

Posted on May 9 2022 - 1:00pm by Paige Brown, Managing Editor

By Brooke Chaplin 

The real estate market is booming, and that means that more agents are trying to put their names out there than ever before. While door hangers and direct mail flyers might’ve worked in the past, you now have to work a little harder to attract new clients to keep up with fierce competition. Fortunately, you’ve got technology on your side, and you can use these strategies to get the word out that you’re the go-to person for finding a property in your community.

Host Home Buying Seminars

Many homebuyers have never been through the experience of securing a loan and putting in an offer on a property. Offering to host a seminar not only establishes you as an expert in your field, but also sends new homebuyers directly to your contacts list. While you could always do a traditional in-person seminar, hosting a virtual one opens up opportunities to bring in even more people since you’ll be able to attract those long-distance home buyers.

Demonstrate Professionalism With a Well-Designed Website

As a real estate agent, your website serves as your personal storefront. People today won’t waste time on poorly-designed websites that take forever to load or make it hard to find information. Using a platform that is designed specifically for real estate agents makes it possible to include pertinent information, such as the latest market stats, so that potential clients view you as being at the top of the game.

Create Enticing Listings

The traditional home listings with just a picture and short description are outdated. Buyers today often want to be able to save time during their search by seeing as much information as possible. While you might need to hire a professional photographer to capture the essence of the homes that you have available, the effort is worth it when more people click on your listings. Try adding 3D tours along with engaging descriptions that make people want to see your properties in person or make an offer right then and there.

Encourage Sharing on Social Media

Spending time on social media is a great way to draw more people to your website to schedule appointments. You can generate interest by setting up contests on your social media pages with a small prize going to whoever’s name gets drawn out of people who shared your content. Or, you can use your social media to post pictures of people who happily sold or bought a home. As people share these images on their pages, they’ll be advertising your services to their friends and family members. 

When you think about it, online marketing options make it easier to spread the word about your services compared to canvassing neighborhoods and putting out flyers. Using multiple online tools to highlight what you do best gives you more opportunities to pick up new clients and remind former ones that you’re still ready to help when they are ready to make a move.

Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger based in New Mexico. Her first passion is journalism, but she also loves hiking and gardening. Brooke recommends using resources like iHomefinder, Inc. to improve your website. Find her on Twitter and Facebook: @BrookeChaplan;

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