Spring Into Home Improvement: Upgrades to Consider

Posted on May 17 2023 - 10:30am by Paige Brown, Managing Editor
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With spring upon us, there’s not a better time to consider making home improvements that’ll pay off. There are several advantages to upgrading your home this spring season. These advantages include an increase in functionality, added value, and enhancing your home’s aesthetic. Follow along as we explore residential upgrades ranging from small DIY projects to major renovations.

Revive your exterior
One of the best first steps this spring is to revive your home’s exterior. The outside of your home plays a variety of protective roles during this time of the year. With varying levels of moderate to extreme weather changes, it’s best to ensure your home’s exterior can withstand potential damage. Consider replacing your roof and old gutters, adding new siding, power washing your home, or even repainting.

It’s best to test your roof for any potential issues that may lead to leaks. Consider a roof repair or an entirely new roof to prevent interior damage. Tending to your gutters is another great way to reroute excess water from rainfall. Clean, then clear them of debris to help prevent damage to your foundation. If you wish to enhance curb appeal, try adding new siding and outdoor lighting to update your home’s aesthetic. Over time, your home can collect dirt, which means mold can build and change the color of your home. Try pressure washing your exterior and then repainting for a much-needed refresh.

Liven up your landscape
Spring is the perfect time to revamp your home’s surrounding landscape. Kick off your landscaping updates by checking for damage from the winter months. If damage is prevalent, remove any dead plants and add new ones. If you have a designated garden space, now is the perfect time to reignite your greenery. Planting new shrubs, garden beds, and small trees can be beneficial when enhancing your landscape from one season to the next.

General landscape maintenance should be at the top of your priority list. This can include fertilizing your lawn, adding new mulch to old garden beds, trimming trees, and cropping hedges. If you have a pool, watering and tending to the surrounding landscape can also enhance your home’s overall appeal. Also, consider installing a new driveway, walkway, or adding a statue feature to your property that will enhance your home’s aesthetic.

Enhance your outdoor living
One of the best ways to enhance your home this spring is by considering outdoor living improvements. With warmer temperatures ahead, improving your outdoor living space can be extremely beneficial. Creating a space outside where you can party, reminisce, and relax is valuable. Consider building a deck or pergola, creating an outdoor kitchen/bar, and adding new furniture. 

Building a deck or pergola can instantly upgrade your home’s overall experience while generating reasonable levels of return on investment (ROI). To enhance this space, adding an outdoor kitchen or bar can create an element of entertainment for parties and gatherings. It’s essential to find the right grill or outdoor stove set so you can cook, eat, and entertain. Adding new furniture that is compatible to certain weather changes is another great way to enhance your outdoor living space.

Improve energy-efficiency
Every homeowner should consider improving their home’s energy efficiency. Green homes, energy-efficient appliances, and solar roofing have grown in popularity drastically over the years. Creating an eco-friendly home can seem costly but provides a variety of advantages when trying to save money and energy long term.

Some of these tactics include buying energy-efficient appliances, such as an eco-friendly washer and dryer. Implementing ENERGY STAR windows can also be beneficial by preventing warm and cool air from escaping. You should also consider installing a smart thermostat and smart light fixtures. Some other tips include ensuring your home is fully insulated while sealing any interior air leaks throughout your home. Simple tricks like using ceiling fans and keeping windows open when you can also help save on your energy bills.

Budget for these upgrades
Whether you’re choosing to install a new thermostat or building an entirely new deck, there will always be varying expenses associated. Depending on what upgrades are most realistic for your home, it’s important to establish a budget. 

For simple to moderate improvements, a savings or rainy-day fund may be most appropriate. For larger renovations, a credit card or home equity loan may be the right financial options to utilize. By using a credit card, you can build credit while conveniently paying for your project periodically. When utilizing your home’s equity, you can receive proper funding in a lump sum to pay for larger construction projects.

Hire the right professionals
When deciding which upgrades to consider, ask yourself if they’re realistic to do yourself. If you’re more hands on, you may have an easier time taking on smaller projects which will save you money in the short term. However, if you have little to no experience, you’ll want to ensure these upgrades are completed safely and successfully. 

It’s critical to hire the right professional contractors for each task to ensure longevity. Do your due diligence to do outside research or get referrals from friends and family members. Also, using Yelp and Google reviews are reliable resources can indicate which professional will be the best fit.

To create a space that’s both comfortable and functional for you and your family, consider everything from smart appliances to expanding your outdoor living space. With longevity and value in mind, you can make the most of the spring season by implementing these home improvement projects. Start planning today to reinvent your home in a way that will help you maximize spring and summer for years to come!