Staging Tips: How Feng Shui Can Benefit Every Home

Posted on Oct 1 2014 - 12:54pm by Suzanne De Vita

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I converted to feng shui a long time ago. There’s something so brilliant about turning a home (or any space, really) into a haven – one that sustains happiness for myself and my guests. But what purpose does it have for homeowners not necessarily interested in such an abstract concept?

To find the answer, I consulted expert Laura Cerrano of Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island. I quickly learned that feng shui-ing goes way beyond making a home “feel” better. There are tangible benefits, too, and more and more homeowners are using feng shui to inject both positivity and gorgeous design into a home.

Real estate translation: when it’s time to sell, the home is practically staged for you.

Several feng shui fixes lend themselves to staging a home for sale – things like zero clutter, an appealing front door and skillfully arranged furniture. Closing bathroom doors (which stops precious chi from being flushed away), adding elements of serenity to a master bedroom or opening up a home’s floor plan fall under both categories, and all make your home look (and feel!) beautiful to buyers.

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Cerrano says that regional trends and local markets play a large role in whether or not industry professionals seek her guidance. For instance, she recently completed work for a luxury residential development project in Long Island, N.Y., where demographics cater to such services.

That being said, socioeconomic factors shouldn’t inhibit homeowners from using feng shui to benefit their households. Cerrano believes any homeowner can apply certain principles in a dose they feel most comfortable with. She recommends starting out with three simple modifications:

1. Paint walls in subtle colors. “Softer color palettes support a more positive overall outlook on life,” Cerrano notes. Boost your mood by giving the rooms you spend the most time in, such as a master bedroom or family room, a fresh coat of paint in a light shade.

2. Open windows. Or window treatments, if security poses a risk. The simple act of drawing open curtains or pulling up blinds creates an exchange of energy that produces an upbeat force for good.

3. Incorporate plants.
Greenery has a concrete effect on the energy of a home – it enhances sociability among guests, and filters out electromagnetic waves in rooms with televisions and other gadgets. Cerrano suggests real plants, but silk ones are viable, as well.

Agents – have you used feng shui when staging a home for sale?

Laura Cerrano is Founder and CEO of Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island.


Suzanne De Vita is RISMedia’s Online Associate Editor and social butterfly. In addition to feng shui-ing her space, she makes guests feel at home with a heaping helping of mac and cheese carbonara.

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    Awesome post, Suzanne!! I love reading about how Feng Shui can benefit anyone at anytime. I’m glad there are people appreciating this field. Thanks for the post!