Catio Spaces – A Patio for Your Cat

Posted on Jul 8 2015 - 3:56pm by Nick Caruso

Do you have an indoor kitty dying to escape the confines of your home? Expand your cat's territory with a brand new catio - a patio for your cat!

If you're anything like me (total cat person - guilty!), you want to protect your feline friends from the dangers of the outdoors (cars, owls and coyotes, oh my!), but you also feel sort of guilty about taking away their natural inclination to explore and hunt. Now, thanks to Catio Spaces, you can build your cats an outdoor escape that will keep them safe and give them a much-needed and healthy dose of fresh air.

These enclosed patios for cats give them everything the little buggers need - something to scratch, some extra toys, and a place to run around or sunbathe. The Seattle-based Catio Spaces sells DIY plans for $49.95 or they’ll design one for you. Plans can be ground-level or window perch style, and are built to complement your home, budget and style.

Check out some of the very best catios below. (All photos courtesy of Catio Spaces and Habitat Haven)

catio 1

catio 3













catio 2

catio 4












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