What To Do After Buying Your Dream Home

Posted on Oct 10 2015 - 9:00am by Housecall

Contributed by Chan Plett

dream homeIt's finally yours. The paperwork's all signed and you've secured one of the most important investments of your life: your dream home! But, what happens next? Most new homeowners often find it difficult to transition into their new house or home, but the next five steps are key to a seamless move into the house or home you've been coveting.

Step 1. Moving out and moving in

Is there anything more stressful than buying a home? Try prepping and packing your current home! It's usually the most dreaded aspect of moving for most, so it's best to determine the type of move you're making and choose the right moving service to help you get your stuff from your old house to your new home without added stress. It's important to consider your move size (is it a large or small move?), if you can afford to hire movers (check out Free Moving Quote for general rates and pricing), or if you want hands-on control of every aspect of the moving process. This should help you determine what type of moving company to choose.

Step 2. Make sure the deed is done

Make sure to check with your county registrar-recorder and confirm that your home deed was recorded. You'll want it on public record that your dream is now a reality, right? Along with confirming the proper filing of your deed, take extra care in ensuring the proper filing of your own documents related to the home sale. Prepare special folders in your filing cabinet to safely store the information for taxes and other occasions that may arise.

Step 3. Protect your assets

Investing in home security is huge. You'll want to protect your home from any disasters and theft. You can check Angie's List for top-rated local home security companies as well as visit Nationwide or other home insurance providers to set up protection for your dream home.

Step 4. Meet the neighbors

You're not only moving into your perfect place, but you're also joining a new community of homeowners, and possibly an entirely new location. Get to know your neighbors, make yourself familiar with your new town or city, or just cross your fingers and wait for the welcoming committee.

Step 5. Live your dream

Welcome home. Enjoy your new sanctuary by spending time rewarding yourself after all the hard work you've done, including home hunting, moving, and getting settled.

Chan Plett is a professional content writer for the web and self-proclaimed moving expert, after having moved nearly once or twice every year for the past eight years. She's written for Nordstrom, Eventbrite, and several online blogs.

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