’s Kids Playhouse Video Series Turns Real Estate into ‘Child’s Play’

Posted on Aug 11 2015 - 12:06pm by Nick Caruso

kidsplayhouseThe real estate market can be a complicated and stressful proposition for grown-ups, but as far as kids are concerned, it's all child's play! presents a different side of that equation with their hilarious Kids Say The Darndest Things-esque video series titled, "Kids Playhouse." In these video vignettes, kids give their innocent, precocious and absolutely hilarious take on all things having to do with homes.

When prompted with questions like, "How do you buy a house?"; "Why do houses have roofs?"; "What is a REALTOR?;" and "Why can't kids buy houses?," these little ones offer up plenty of adorable laugh-out-loud and 'Aww' moments on the topics of homebuying and building, from a wide-eyed, stress-free perspective.

Check out a few of the the videos below to instantly brighten-up your day and let help remind you that, with their help and the help of a real estate professional, finding a home is child's play!

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