Real Estate Hits the Big Screen with ’99 Homes’

Posted on Oct 8 2015 - 10:00am by Nick Caruso
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Real estate is once again on the big screen - brokers, agents and "Glengarry Glen Ross" fans, rejoice!

Now in select cities and opening tomorrow nationwide, "99 Homes," starring Michael Shannon, Laura Dern and Andrew Garfield, puts a spotlight on some of the more nerve-wracking aspects of the biz, In this thriller, directed by Ramin Bahrani, Garfield plays Dennis Nash, a father who's struggling to win back the home that his family was evicted from by working for Rick Carver (Shannon), the greedy and ruthless real estate broker who's the source of his frustration. It's a deal-with-the-devil scenario for Dennis. Can learning the more nefarious tricks of the trade help him overcome the man who turned his life upside down? Or will falling deeper into Carver's web prove to be more dangerous than he ever imagined?

Shannon's shark of a character personifies a most cynical version of the American Dream. He states: "America doesn’t bail out the losers. America was built by bailing out winners…by rigging a nation, of the winners, by the winners, for the winners.”

Yikes...and also, sign me up!

Check out the trailer for the real estate thriller below:

Reviews are in and they're looking mostly positive! Will you be heading to the theaters this weekend?