How Happy is Your Community?

Posted on Oct 25 2016 - 3:24pm by Housecall
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iStock_34520126_SMALL-300x200What makes a happy community? That’s what HomeAdvisor sought to find out when it launched its Homeowner Happiness Survey. Here’s what their 18,000 respondents had to say about the traits that help create a happy community:

1. Accessibility
Practical commutes and access to cultural hotspots are important parts of a happy community. Well-planned highway systems and safe and reliable public transit alternatives provide easy access to local amenities and limit commute time. In fact, according to HomeAdvisor’s Homeowner Happiness Survey, the average homeowner already spends 39 minutes driving to work each day. Reducing the drive time to work or leisure activities helps create a happy community.

2. Community
A safe, diverse and strong neighborhood also helps create happiness within a community. Local fairs, cultural celebrations and hyper-local events like block parties boost the bond between neighbors and members of a larger community. A strong sense of community inspires entire neighborhoods to improve their homes, as well as their bond with their fellow homeowners. This results in neighbors looking out for one another, making their neighborhoods a safer place for everyone. Also, a renewed sense of community will inspire homeowners to improve their homes, further beautifying their area.

3. Housing
Access to quality, affordable and well-functioning housing is key in creating a happy local community. From urban condominiums to outer-ring suburban houses, diverse, quality housing is an important factor. A wide array of housing options will help residents find the perfect setting for their budget and family.

So Where Does This Put Your City?
Looking at these important factors, the survey found that some states ranked above the rest in homeowner happiness. These included:

1. San Francisco
2. Los Angeles
3. Denver
4. Saint Louis
5. Seattle
6. Albuquerque
7. Miami
8. Grand Rapids
9. Greenville (S.C.)
10. Austin

Did your home rank on the top 10 for homeowner happiness? If not, there could be various factors where perhaps one of the three didn’t meet homeowner expectations. If you are looking to move, you might consider one of these towns as your new abode.

Finding Happiness
Any homeowner can agree that happiness within the home and greater community is important. Even Gallup, Harvard and the United Nations have devoted resources to better understand the intricacies of happy homes. And now, HomeAdvisor has set out to understand how we can create the kind of happy home conditions that make for happier people, a happier nation and, ultimately, a happier world. Because we make it our mission to make homeowners happy where it matters most - at home.