4 Big Storage Solutions for Tiny Spaces

Posted on Sep 1 2016 - 10:00am by Housecall
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By Meghan Belnap

studioOne of the worst things about living in a tiny house or apartment is the lack of storage space. When your belongings are constantly underfoot, it can be quite annoying. In this modern world, people tend to accumulate items much faster than they get rid of them. This can quickly turn an already cluttered small living space into a nightmare. If you are dealing with storage space issues in your home, try these four big storage space solutions for tiny spaces.

1. Get Furniture That Does Double Duty

One of the best ways to increase the storage space in a tiny apartment is to get furniture that includes storage space inside of it. For example, you can get a bed frame that includes drawers inside of it for you to store your clothing inside. Another example of this is an ottoman that has a compartment inside of it to store things. There are many types of furniture like this that can double as storage space.

2. Add Shelving

If you have too many things in your home, a creative way to store them is to add shelving. There are likely many areas of your home where you could install shelving. Not only does adding shelving to your home give you additional storage space, but you can actually beautify your home by displaying books and tchotchkes on the shelving.

3. Get an Offsite Storage Unit

Sometimes, no matter how creative you get, you will not be able to find enough room in your home for everything you own. If this is the case, the ideal solution is to get an offsite storage unit. You can place all the things in your storage unit that you do not use regularly. Hialeah Storage Units recommends that people who store things in an offsite unit select a climate-controlled storage facility to give their belongings protection from temperature extremes.

4. Install a Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed is a bed that folds up to store inside or next to the wall. This gives you a tremendous amount of extra space during the day. You can also put a loft bed in, like those found in college dorm rooms, to free up some storage space.

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you have to accept inadequate storage. If you implement these four ideas, you will gain back a tremendous amount of storage space. The key to having enough storage in a tiny space is to be flexible and creative.