Black Friday Deals on Smart Home Gadgets

Posted on Nov 23 2017 - 10:00am by Liz Dominguez

The ultimate day of shopping is almost upon us. Black Friday deals have already been announced all over the internet, and Cyber Monday isn't far behind. But how can homeowners benefit from these deals? Well, many of the discounts this year are on smart home devices. Tech is taking over today's household—connecting phones, lighting, thermostats and more with speakers that understand voice commands and use Wi-Fi to get on-the-spot information. Here's what to look out for this holiday shopping season. What will you be buying?

 black friday

Amazon Echo – Amazon

Sale: Buy 3 Save $50

Original Price: $99

Amazon's Echo is making it into thousands of American households this holiday season.

This speaker is an all-in-one device that lets you play your music from a variety of sources and call or message contacts hands-free. It also uses Alexa to answer questions about the news, traffic, weather and more. Now you can even add connectivity to power switches, thermostats, TVs, appliances, etc. to convert your house into a smart home. And if you want to connect your lights to Alexa, check out the next sale.


black friday

Philips Hue White A19 Starter Kit – Amazon and Best Buy

Sale Price: $60

Original Price: $99.99

Tired of having to get off the couch to turn lights on or off? Or maybe your hands are full when you first walk through the door into your dark home. Now you can tell Alexa to turn your lights on for you by replacing your bulbs with this starter kit that works hand-in-hand with Amazon's Echo speaker.


black friday

Google Home – Most major stores

Sale Price: $80

Original Price: $129

This is Google's brand of smart speakers. It works in the same way as the Amazon Echo (listed above), but uses the Google Assistant to search the internet for your answers. You can also manage your calendar and events hands-free, as you can with Amazon's Echo. It comes down to brand loyalty and price with these two competing products.


black friday

Nest Learning Thermostat 9 – Kohl's, Newegg, Best Buy and Walmart

Sale Price: $200 (Additional $45 store credit if purchased at Kohl's)

Original Price: $249.99

This little gadget will help you save money and conserve energy, boasting an average of 10 – 15 percent savings on your heating and cooling bills. As a smart device, it will learn to adjust the temperature of your home according to your schedule. You can also pair it with Google Home or Amazon Echo to change the temperature using voice recognition.


black friday

Ring Video Doorbell – Amazon and Best Buy

Sale Price: $100

Original Price: $140 – $180

Avoiding that dreaded door-to-door salesman? It's never been easier to pretend you're not home. With a video doorbell, you can see who's at your door without having to get up and check. This is also a great way of making sure it's safe to open the door when someone pays you a visit.



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