How to Create Compelling Property Listings That Generate Sales

Posted on Aug 1 2017 - 9:00am by Housecall

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By Mary Walton

Real estate is renowned for being one of the most competitive fields. As an agent, you’ll need to write a listing that makes the property shine in order to get it sold. In this article, we’ll show you how to do just that alongside all the tools you’ll need to ensure it’s perfect.

Highlight the Positives
List out all the positive selling points of the property. These will be the main selling points. Imagine you’re looking to buy a property yourself. What are you looking for? Does the property have a garden? Does it have a swimming pool? Does it have access to local amenities? Is there parking available? Create your list with all the positive attributes you can think off. This will be the starting point for your listing.

Answer All Potential Questions
When viewers begin reading your property listing, they don’t want to have to call up or message you, asking a load of questions. Likewise, you don’t want to spend your days answering countless emails detailing the same thing. Ask yourself, what do your potential buyers want to know? You’ll need to include all this information in your listing. For example, you’ll need to include the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces and kitchens the property has. You’ll also want to include other features such as a floor plan and how many square feet the estate is.

Creating a Mental Image
With all this information by your side, it’s time to start creating your property description. When writing, you’ll want to create a visual image in the head of your reader. Use specific language that allows the reader to envision themselves in the property so they can see themselves and their families living there. This helps your reader to connect with your property on an emotion level, without even having to see the property. This is much more likely to generate viewings than a list of features and specs.

Carol Hanson, a Listing Writer for Academized, writes:

“It’s easy to create an image in your property listing simply by changing the language you use. For example, if you write something such as ‘Enjoy your breakfasts at the bespoke breakfast bar, awarding you with unspoiled views of the garden every morning,’ the reader can put themselves in that position, especially if you include photos of that area of the property.”

Tools to Create Perfection
Once you have completed the first draft of your description, re-read it a couple of times, making edits, and checking spelling and punctuation. You need to ensure accuracy if you want to sell. To make things easier and to ensure your description is perfect, here is a list of online tools you can use to guarantee that’s it’s ready for posting.

Do My Essay
As with any aspect of the internet, trends change and what worked for your property listing a year ago might not work today. When conducting market research to create the perfect listing, the experts at Boom Essays can work alongside you, providing you with all the information and writing advice you’ll need.

State of Writing
If you’re struggling to create your property description in the first place, you can use State of Writing as a guide. The site boasts a comprehensive list of writing tools as well as showing you the best way to use language and sentence structure to communicate your message.

Assignment Writing Service
Once you have finished editing and checking everything over, upload your description to UKWritings to have your final draft proofread by a professional writer. This ensures accuracy and heightens your level of credibility as a salesperson.

Word Count
There’s no point in writing six pages of text to sum up your property when the information can be condensed into a few hundred words. Nobody has time to read all that. To ensure you stay short, sweet and precise, use Easy Word Count to track your word count as you write.

If you’re struggling to create your property description, don’t worry. Not everyone is born to be a fluent writer. Fortunately, EssayRoo provides a service in which you can upload your property details for a professional writer to create your exact requirements from scratch.

Assignment Help
Once you have made your initial checks, upload your property description to AustralianHelp. On this website, you can have your description checked and edited for grammar by a professional writer.

Imagery is Key
Once your written description is created, it’s time to add photos. Make sure you use high-quality photos and only show the best aspects of the house. Remember, this is a property you’re trying to sell!

Honesty is Essential
When creating your property listing, it’s easy to fall into the trap of hyping the house up which can lead to a few untruths slipping into your content. Always make sure that you remain honest in everything you write. Likewise, you won’t want to break any Fair Housing Laws as this could land you in a lot of trouble. It will also destroy your credibility as a property salesperson.

Detail the Local Area
Finally, at the base of your property description, you’ll want to include some information about the locale for the people who are moving from another city. This helps them build up a picture of the neighborhood and the local area. You’ll want to include facts such as local amenities, schools, restaurants and other things that homeowners will want access to. Keep this short and sweet and only list out the essential places, not every shop and leisure activity.

Mary Walton is a content manager at Write My Paper service. She creates useful life hacks for students on her blog SimpleGrad, such as Review. Mary helps businesses with content management and provides brand building services, and is a tutor at Essay For Sale service.

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