The Home Behind Miley Cyrus’ New Single ‘Malibu’

Posted on Jun 6 2017 - 11:41am by Zoe Eisenberg

Miley Cyrus’ new single “Malibu” has both her fans and haters in a tizzy. It seems the Disney turned country turned pop turned hip-hop star has set aside her booty-shaking ways and returned to her roots. Literally (her roots are showing in the Malibu music video) and figuratively; the star has dropped her wilder image and vocal stylings and returned to a demure, Hannah Montana style of safe singing and moving. The video that accompanies the song lacks Cyrus’ confident, outrageous edge, and instead is equipped with an awkward hoedown jig, balloons, bubbles and a Lassie dog.

Tongue/bum waggling and glitter-spitting aside, since her new single focuses on her love for Malibu (and her hubby-to-be Liam Hemsworth), we thought we’d visit the Malibu home Cyrus bought in 2016.

This cool, understated space that Cyrus bought for $2.5 mill has a laid-back, chill vibe. There is nothing ostentatious about the 1,384-square-foot, four-bedroom estate, and we can definitely imagine Miley and Hemsworth hanging in the home wearing matching white turtlenecks and petting a collie.

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