How to Give Your Bathroom a Tropical Vibe

Posted on Aug 8 2017 - 9:58am by Zoe Eisenberg
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Tropical Zen Bathroom

Looking to redo your bathroom? Adding a tropical twist is all the rage these days. From lush houseplants to rich hues, now you can have a mini vacation every time you use the toilet. Here are a few tips to boost your island vibes.

Lush plant life. The number one tip for a tropical vibe in your bathroom is to add indoor plants. Whether you train a creeping vine to travel across the wall, or tuck a potted philodendron into the corner, plant life is key for that jungle vibe. Try lining succulents along the window, a rubber tree on the floor, or even add an orchid or shade-loving fern to your shower.

Natural colors. For cabinetry, choose a rich brown to pair with your white walls and lush flora. Try a natural slate floor or slate tiles for your bathtub or shower.

Minimize. Clean lines and open space are popular with tropical themed bathrooms. Tuck toiletries into the cabinets and leave the walls bare. The only thing you can't have too much of in a tropical bathroom is tropical plants.

Need more tropical bathroom inspo? Turn to Pinterest, of course!