5 Reasons to Build a New Home

Posted on Sep 11 2018 - 2:43pm by Housecall

home buildingBy Jeff Fung

You're exhausted. It seems like house-hunting will never end and each home you view isn't how you envisioned it. There aren't enough bedrooms, or the home just isn't your style. It's tough to dole out the big bucks for a place that you just aren't 100-percent in love with.

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However, there's always another option. You can always build. Building a new home offers an array of options. You can customize it the way you like and plan it to your exact specifications. It gives you the freedom to make it yours—as opposed to building off of someone else's choices and ideas. Not convinced? Here are our top five reasons why you should build your new home:

You get to choose the neighborhood. Maybe you saw the perfect home, but the neighborhood was anything but ideal. It's all about location, location, location! For some, location is even more important than what's actually inside the home itself. When you build your own home, you get to choose the neighborhood. The options are endless, which means you'll get both the house you like and the ideal neighborhood you want.

It's brand new, meaning no repairs are needed—at least not anytime soon. Older homes frequently come with their fair share of repairs and necessary upgrades. With all the maintenance, suddenly owning a home can feel like a part-time job. When you build a new home, everything is new. You likely won't have to pay for repairs or renovations for years to come. This means you'll actually be able to sit back and relax and enjoy your new digs!

Newer energy-efficient systems will save you money. When it comes to older homes, water and electrical systems often aren't up to par with the newest technology. Things like air conditioning, heat and water end up costing way more in an older home.

In a new home, you can select the most energy-efficient systems. This will help you save money on those monthly bills and in the long run—meaning you can put your money toward other exciting adventures, such as that new car or that vacation you've been longing to go on!

You get to select flooring, paint colors, countertops, and more! Building a new home means customization! You get to choose it all—your home, your style. It can be really fun, and it can also help you feel like you have more ownership over your home. You become more immersed in the building and design process, which can, in turn, help you understand your home more and allow you to create a space you truly love.

You create the house layout. Again, it's all about being able to customize. When building a new home, you get to set things to your exact specifications. Do you want an open-concept home? No problem. Do you have a vision about how the kitchen will be set up? Voice it. Building a new home means you can pick and choose when it comes to the layout of the house and floor plans.

Get the home you have always dreamed of. Start the process of building your new home today!

Headshot Jeff FungJeff Fung is a project manager at Forever Homes in London, Ontario, Canada. Forever Homes focuses on building new houses that turn your dreams into reality.



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    I agree with the fact that buying a new house can help you settle down in the right neighborhood and live in your own house the way you wish to.

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