Social Skills: Social Media Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Posted on Jun 28 2018 - 11:51am by Housecall
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The rise of social media in the 21st century has completely changed our lives. It’s the perfect combination of salty and sweet; such a necessary evil. And of course, social media comes with a plethora of mistakes to go with it. Please, avoid these slip-ups!

Trash talk other agents or brokerages.
If agents think the best marketing play is pointing their fingers at how bad someone else is to make them look good, it means they’re probably not a very good agent. Let your record of superior client satisfaction and your impeccable real estate skills speak for themselves. Don’t stoop to someone else’s level.

Saying something controversial and inappropriate that you can never take back.
If you’ve posted something on the internet, it will always, always be there. Even if you delete it and wipe all traces that you think exist, it will still be there in some shape or form. People take screenshots, people quickly and easily share with all of their friends. Those friends then repeat the actions and the cycle continues.

Here’s the thing: everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, until that opinion turns into the black plague killing your business and affecting everyone around it. There was a recent story that broke in the news of a tweet from a famous actress. That one single tweet lost her a beloved show, career, and impacted all of her coworkers, losing everyone thousands. Stay away from anything and everything politics, religion, anything controversial or mega opinionated. You’ll always offend someone if you don’t (and that someone could be a very lucrative client).

Not being human.
Yes, scheduled posts are a great feature, which puts plenty of time back in your pocket. However, it can be overly used and abused. Typically, people sit down and do a whole bunch of scheduled posts at once. It’s hard to be creative and truly “you” when you’re just trying to knock a large number of posts out. In reality, these posts end up coming off robotic and cold. Find a happy medium of scheduled posts and real time posts that works for you.

Only posting about your business.
The golden rule of social media posting is 80/20. And no, that 80% is very much not your business. Your business gets the latter – 20% of the spotlight. It might not feel like enough but trust us, it is. Humanize yourself (and in doing so, your business) by posting about your day to day life, hobbies, etc. the majority of the time. Be relatable, be a source of knowledge, be human. Your clients will start to feel more connected to you.

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