Social Skills: Engage New Clients Online With Grace and Nuance

Posted on Mar 16 2018 - 10:10am by Jameson Doris
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noffert headshotWith two decades of experience, Brenda Noffert, an associate broker with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Alliance in Wichita, Kan., got her start in Detroit before moving to her current area after that market began to falter.

Over the course of her career, Noffert tells us that she’s seen how social media can really aid in generating new leads, and she herself has made a conscious effort to change with the social media times.

Here, Noffert chats with us about how much more nuanced meeting new clients is on social media compared to other tactics and how she's been able to elevate that strategy by using programs such as RISMedia's ACE.
Why do you feel social media is important for success in this industry? 

Social media allows me to "embed" myself in my client's and circle of influence's lives. People post things on social media about their life that [most agents] would never make a phone call or write a letter about. I am able to not only respond on social media, but I can take it further and send a "get well card" to the person or their dog if they post about being sick. I can send a rose to the kid in the school play wishing them good luck. In short, social media gives me an opportunity for real connections that I could not have with my clients any other way.

How are you using social media to build relationships, generate leads and position yourself as an expert? 

On Facebook, I used to just look, but not engage. Now, I engage in other people's posts and embed myself in their lives as the real estate expert with a genuine concern for what they have going on in their world.

Why is RISMedia's ACE (Automated Content Engagement) program valuable to your clients?

ACE provides helpful, no-pressure information about real estate that is relevant and easy to read.  It puts me in a position of being the go-to for all real estate needs without overtly asking for referrals and making people feel uncomfortable about being pressured.

What do you like best about ACE?

Social media is the one thing that always gets put on the back-burner for me. I always have a plan to be more engaged, but it rarely happens. My favorite thing about ACE is that it is automated. I appear completely engaged, every single day, without really doing anything.

"I use the articles as an icebreaker with new prospects and reach out to them without a whole lot of pressure."

How have you incorporated an ACE strategy into your business?  

ACE posts to my business page, and I then share it to my personal page and tag people who might find the information the most useful. The articles are helpful, well written and easy to share. I also print them out and add them to my printed newsletter every month. It is so helpful to not have to research information for my newsletter! Also, I send the links via email to past clients and my circle of influence that are not active on Facebook and they get a personal touch that lets them know I am thinking about them.

What do you look forward to about the new entries?  

I try to find at least five people that I can personally reach out to as a result of something in the article. Even if it's just to say hello, the engagement has been priceless and has gained more exposure and more "top-of-mind" awareness for my circle of influence.

How has the program helped you interact with prospects and clients who have engaged with your ACE content? What are the steps you take?  

I use the articles as an icebreaker with new prospects and reach out to them without a whole lot of pressure. I will send the links to people who have visited my website and invite them to like my Facebook page for more helpful information.

How often do you post on social media ?

I only post twice a day. Usually, I'll post my listings and then boost them to gain exposure.

What types of content do you have the most success with? 

My clients are homebuyers and sellers for a very short time, but they're homeowners for a very long time. I find that anything about home tips, homeownership, maintenance, refinance, etc., are more well-received than information about buying or selling.

Can you quantify how ACE has helped your business grow? 

I can point to three referrals that came as a direct result of my engagement with my past clients on social media because of ACE. Offering useful information reminded my former clients that I was available, and they told friends about me who reached out with a real estate need.

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