Social Skills: How to Manage Your Time Better Using Social Scheduling Services

Posted on May 17 2018 - 5:01pm by Jameson Doris
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pam charronPam Charron, broker associate with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty in Sarasota, Fla., has been in the industry since 2004. Moving to Florida in 2007, her sales area covers the greater Sarasota area, including Siesta Key, Lakewood Ranch and Longboat Key.

Last year, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Realty closed more than $3 billion and Charron completed 2017 as the company’s No. 1 agent in volume. She had more than $900,000 in gross commission earned which she credits a big part to utilizing social media.

RISMedia_socialskillsHere, Charron discusses the importance of positivity on social media and how social scheduling services like RISMedia's ACE have helped her allot time to different important tasks.

Why do you consider social media important to your business?  

I moved my business from New England to Florida about the time that social media was becoming more popular. It has allowed me to not only stay in touch with my family, friends and the many business associates I know across the country, but also increase my contacts exponentially. I am easily found through social media—that's the most important benefit. Although other methods of staying in touch are indeed important, social works for me 24/7.

What is your social media strategy and what sites do you use regularly? 

I have profiles on many sites including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and a variety of others. Although I do not want social media to dominate my time, I do keep my profiles up to date. I want to be front and center on whatever the preferred platform happens to be. The strategy is providing useful and timely information on a regular schedule. I am also focused on increasing my followers in a strategic way—I work in all price points so variety is important.

How have you incorporated an ACE strategy into your business?  

Before I was introduced to ACE, I found most automated content posts were gimmicky or seemed canned, so I declined to use them. Some of them were simply fronts for links to other sites. I am impressed with the ACE program as the content actually provides quality information in a professional way. I actually look forward to reading every post.

How has ACE helped you interact with prospects and clients who have engaged with your ACE content?

The posts provide relevant information for today’s consumer. The best use of my time is working with buyers and sellers and not sitting in front of a computer posting. I allocate a certain amount of time to updating profiles and posting original content while allowing ACE to supplement my online presence. If I can’t get to posting on my own, I know ACE will fill in the gaps.

"People love positivity. I avoid anything negative and I am particular about what I share."

Aside from ACE, how are you using social media to build relationships, generate leads and position yourself as an expert? 

I have both personal and business pages. For business, in addition to the automated content that ACE provides, I make sure that I have a variety of posts, including property listings, information on local events or hot topics, statistics and trends for real estate, especially related to my local market. I don’t want those engaged on my pages to be bored or feel that it is all about selling property, so my content is strategic so that the viewers want to be engaged. I include occasional business-related information on my personal page but never overdo it.

How often do you post and what types of content do you find the most success with? 

We all get excited at the number of likes we get. Although not every post gets the same reaction, I know based on the posts that get raving reviews, that all my posts are being seen. That's why quality and professional posts are vital. I post several times a week and try to share on several social media sites. The most successful posts are typically those regarding accolades for others, great property postings, and charity-related events. Variety is key.

Can you provide an example of something you have done on social media that has gotten a good response? 

Two come to mind right away. One is posting photos of the glorious sunsets and landscape that I am fortunate to enjoy every day. Everyone loves a sunset! And most recently, posting a thank you to everyone I know for helping me achieve an amazing 2017 in real estate. People love positivity. I avoid anything negative and I am particular about what I share.

Why would you recommend others get involved with ACE? 

No matter what your level of social media experience, ACE will enhance your professionalism and help you increase your online presence with branded and quality content.

Featured image: Pam Charron, REALTOR®