Trulia Report: Are Colonial Homes on Their Way Out?

Posted on Mar 8 2018 - 11:43am by Liz Dominguez

colonial homes

Home styles run the gamut from traditional Colonial to Mid-Century Modern. But which is the most popular? Craftsman homes, according to a recent Harris Poll conducted for Trulia that surveyed over 2,000 Americans over the age of 18. The winner was voted in by 43 percent of respondents, with ranch-style homes as the runner-up at 41 percent, followed by Colonials at 36 percent.

Age also plays a role in ranking. More millennial-aged individuals (52 percent) voted for Craftsman-style homes versus those who are 55+ (36 percent). The older adults preferred ranch-style homes when compared to millennials (52 percent vs. 28 percent).

So, where can Craftsman-style homes be found? That's the tricky part—they're pretty scarce in the overall home landscape.

According to Trulia's search algorithm for style keywords, the following homes are the most common:

  • Colonial – Typically found in the Northeast (Maine to Virginia)
  • Ranch – Located in areas across the country (Alaska to Tennessee)
  • Cape Cod – Found in Eastern coastal states (Maryland to New York)
  • Victorian – Most common in San Francisco, also found in Louisiana and Utah
  • Mid-Century – Typically located on Western coastal states (California to Washington)

And with each style comes a unique decor feel. According to Trulia, Colonials call for dramatic paint colors; ranch homes require neutral tones and simple furniture; and Cape Cod-style homes should be highlighted through beautiful curb appeal with large planters and floral boxes. Victorian homes call for dark baseboards with modern wallpaper on accent walls, and Mid-Century-style homes work well with white paint and furniture with period elements like tapered legs.

"Each architectural style across the country adds character and charm to a neighborhood, making each one unique," says Lynnette Bruno, Trulia's vice president of Communications and Research. "These decorating tips from the Trulia Design Panel help you bring character from the outside in so you can transform your space into a home where you'll love to live."

Read the entire report here.

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