5 Home Renovations That Will Make You Fall in Love With Your Home Again

Posted on Oct 23 2019 - 5:18pm by Housecall
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By AnnaBeth Rouse

Have you found yourself falling out of love with the home you once adored? You aren't alone. Take millennial homeowners, for example. A recent Bankrate poll says that 63 percent of this vital demographic regret purchasing their current home. That's an alarming number, but one that accurately shows how easy it is to fall out of love with a home.

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Luckily, there are more options other than just cutting your losses and selling your home. By renovating the space, you can make the changes required to better fit your lifestyle. Here are five renovations that will make your home feel new again:

Install a Walk-In Shower

Replacing your old shower or tub with a walk-in shower adds an attractive spa element to your home. Go one step further and add an S-shaped bench, which will make the space feel even more like a spa. Walk-in showers are great for aging people, as well, because it's easy to navigate the entrance to the shower. Additionally, you'll also have no glass door that needs to constantly be cleaned.

Install Laundry Chutes

There's no doubt that it's a pain hauling laundry up and down your stairs every time laundry day rolls around. While carrying heavy laundry baskets down to the laundry room isn't an enjoyable hobby, adding laundry chutes in the master bedroom, kids' bedrooms and/or select closets will allow you to cut down on messy piles of laundry, as well as annoying trips up and down the stairs.

Build a She Shed

Is there extra room on your property that's being underutilized? If so, a she shed is a wonderful way to utilize the space. She sheds can be built relatively inexpensively and can be used in a number of ways, from a place for a guest to stay when they visit if you're able to build a large enough space and include a day bed, to a place where you can escape when you need some time to yourself.

Make Room for a Second Dishwasher

By clearing space for a second dishwasher, you'll likely lose some cabinet space; however, the convenience of being able to load one dishwasher while the other is working its way through the cleaning cycle will ultimately save you much-needed time. If your kitchen space is already limited, this may not be a viable option, but there are some brands that make double drawer dishwashers that can save you some time without taking up extra space.

Add a Kitchen Island

By adding a kitchen island to your home, you'll give yourself bonus counter space and seating. Consider adding an additional sink, mini fridge or even a wine bar to the space, as well. You can even build a wine rack on one end of the island so that you can store a variety of wines without losing space.

With these five renovation projects, you'll find yourself falling in love again with your home. Additionally, you could add value to your home for when the time comes to resell!

gAnnaBeth Rouse is a contributing writer and media specialist for Allied Van Lines. She regularly produces content for a variety of career and lifestyle blogs.