5 Simple Tips to Create Effective Real Estate Newsletters

Posted on Jun 10 2019 - 5:00pm by Housecall

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By Kevin George

This year is set to be a defining moment for the U.S. real estate market as millennials will continue investing in properties. According to Forbes, 45 percent of homebuyers will be millennials in 2019.

Despite the growth real estate has showcased in the past few years, one of the biggest challenges agents and brokers still face is marketing. One of the most popular methods involving direct marketing is a newsletter. Email marketers believe that real estate newsletters help your audience understand the market better and make informed decisions.

Here are five tips that should help you create an effective and engaging real estate newsletter:

Use excellent images.

When you're working on a real estate newsletter, it's important to have engaging images of the property you are planning to talk about. Your audience is interested in relevant visuals along with the content you're planning for the newsletter. Keep the copy short and work on getting visually appealing images that are in-sync with the content.

Talk about the real estate market.

Talking about your business should come effortlessly to you; however, you need to remember that your aim is to convert readers into property owners. For this, the message should be simple and clear. Make it all about the property that you want to talk about instead of your business. For instance, if you're talking about a particular property, talk about why they should invest in it, and what the benefits of owning it would be.

Express with strong subject line.

Make sure you include a strong and relevant subject line as part of the newsletter. It should help the subscriber understand what the newsletter is about and should make them want to read it. The copy in the subject line should be concise—subscribers should be able to view the entire subject line on their mobile devices.

Always include contact information.

It's crucial to include your contact information as part of your newsletter should subscribers wish to reach out to you. Make it easy for them to get in touch with you by adding your email address, as well as other social contact information to the newsletter. Additionally, make sharing information within your newsletter simple.

Compel them to take an action.

The aim of a newsletter is to make your subscribers take an action that's in-sync with your goals. They should either connect with you, go to your blog or website or reach out to their friends with some information. A call-to-action button and links should be clearly visible.


If you're planning on creating a newsletter campaign for your real estate business, you need to remember that first impressions matter. Always start with concise content, bright and visually appealing images and a strong subject line to ensure good audience engagement. And if you have good videos that can connect with your audience, try to embed them in your newsletters for even better engagement!

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    Informative article which I find to be very helpful!

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    Is there a company that has real estate news letters that I can get access to so I can send to my clients?