Tips for Reviving Your Lawn After Winter

Posted on Mar 14 2019 - 3:32pm by Housecall

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By Katie Kuchta

Waking up your lawn can be challenging, and there is added pressure if you want to put a home on the market. Early spring is one of the best times of the year to make your home look great. This busy season coincides with an uptick in activity in the real estate market, making it that much more critical for you to get your lawn back in great shape.

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Here are a few helpful tips for reviving your lawn after the beating it likely took this winter:

Feed It Well

Spring is the most critical time to give your lawn a boost. Winter drags on in many areas of the country, which can deplete a yard come spring. If you find yourself in this situation, try applying a quick-release fertilizer to prepare your lawn for spring. This fertilizer will get to the roots and green up your yard in a few days. However, be cautious when applying a quick-release fertilizer, as putting too much in one spot can kill your grass.

Other fertilizer options include slow-release fertilizers that'll feed your lawn over time. This kind of fertilizer usually comes in granules or pellets that sit on top of your soil. They dissolve over time and provide the best long-lasting energy option for lawns.

Water in the Morning

Fertilizer applications need moisture to work best. Watering your lawn in the spring may seem counterintuitive given the rainfall that some climates receive, but watering your lawn regularly is essential to help the grass grow strong. Consider watering your yard in the morning before 10 a.m., as this will allow the lawn time to soak up the water and dry out under the afternoon sun. Watering in the evening or at night may seem smart, but it can actually cause lawn care problems such as disease and fungi.

Ease Into Mowing

While your lawn may have grown a little throughout the winter depending on your location, lawns need some time to ease into the spring. Refrain from mowing your lawn on a low setting as temperatures go up. Short lawns expose the root system, which can create a stressful situation for the grass. Consider doing a light mow early on in the season to take off the tips of the blades. Doing so will ease your lawn back into the growing season and will help keep it looking great.

Start Fighting Weeds

Homeowners looking to put their home on the market should combat any weeds in their lawn. There are many weed and feed chemicals to help prevent weeds. These mixes often include different fertilizers, so be sure to read the directions so that you don't give your lawn too much. Locate any problem areas in your yard and consider applying weed control to those areas, as well.

Seed Thin Spots

It's common for bare spots to appear after a long winter. Immediately care for areas of the lawn that have thinned or are completely bare. These spots can cause problems, not only with weed growth, but also in presenting a beautiful lawn to a prospective buyer. Rake out these spots in your yard and apply a good amount of seed. Give these spots extra water a few weeks after you seed them to encourage new grass roots to take hold.

There are many ways to help your lawn come back after a long winter. Mow the grass on a high setting until it has had time to recover, fertilize and water the lawn to boost growth, and be sure to keep weeds away by using preventive measures. Follow all the tips listed above and your lawn will be back to its former glory in no time.

fullsizeoutput_11Katie Kuchta is a gardening and outdoor living guru, and self-proclaimed foodie. She currently covers the lawn care industry for LawnStarter Lawn Care. Kuchta can often be found cooking in the kitchen or on the hunt for the best tacos.

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  1. Jane Anderson June 11, 2019 at 3:07 am -

    Hi Katie, I agree that it is quite difficult to take care of the lawn during winters. Thank you for sharing the tips for lawn retrieval after winters. I follow all the tips and I find all the tips very helpful. Keep on sharing!

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    Thanks for the great tips on reviving lawns after winter, we’ll be sure to put them to use!

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  4. Yvonne St J July 13, 2020 at 1:27 pm -

    Hi Katie,

    We live in North Florida, so it is very hot. About 3 years ago we put in zoysia plugs. For the most part they have taken great. We want to fill in the bare spots close to driveway and was wondering if zenith zoysia seed will do the trick over time ?

    Thank you for your great article


  5. Wellesley April 3, 2021 at 1:19 pm -

    Awesome tips! In my city, snow usually destroys the lawn. I will try your advice now.