4 Things That Shouldn’t Worry You When Buying a Fixer-Upper

Posted on Mar 30 2020 - 4:29pm by Housecall
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By Anica Oaks

Gauging a potential fixer-upper is a complicated undertaking that requires experience, knowledge and good judgment to know the difference between a serious fault and a cosmetic flaw.

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There are many different things that you should look at and consider when buying a fixer-upper; however, there will likely be several obvious problems that you don't need to worry about too much:

Ugly Paint and Siding

Even the most hideous paint or siding can be removed. Most fixer-uppers have exterior issues, so buyers expect to redo a lot of the outside of the house in the months or years after the purchase. As long as the wood supporting the walls, windows and roof is in good shape, the external aesthetics can be easily modified to suit your tastes.

Damaged Doors

Dented, dirty and well-worn doors can certainly be an eyesore, but they're also relatively easy to replace. Replacing aging wooden doors with modern material gives the new homeowners a chance to inspect and reinforce the entire molding. It's also a good opportunity to replace locks on all doors and windows with a fresh set.

Broken Windows

Even a few panes of broken glass can impact the overall aesthetic of a home. Fortunately, it's also one of the easiest problems to address when improving a fixer-upper. Talk to comprehensive window professionals to develop tailored solutions that are both economical and effective. There's nothing wrong with simply replacing old windows with something new, but you can also modify the entire molding to fit a new style or size.

Deck and Patio Problems

For some homeowners, a solid wrap-around deck is the standout feature of their entire property; however, a rotting or flimsy structure haunting the backyard isn't what most people have in mind. No matter how bad the deck or patio, these problems aren't necessarily a big deal for most fixer-upper situations. They're relatively easy to demolish in a worst-case scenario and can often be simply modified to fit your tastes.

There are many things that should be of concern when buying a fixer-upper, but there are also plenty of details that buyers can put on the back burner so as not to get overwhelmed. When it comes to fundamental priorities, don't forget to inspect the roof, foundation and plumbing system before finalizing the deal.

Anica Oaks is a freelance writer who hails from San Francisco. When she's not writing, she's enjoying her time outside with her dogs. Oaks recommends Andersen Replacement Windows for your needs. Keep up with her on Twitter @anicaoaks.