How to Get Leads as a New Agent

Posted on Jul 21 2020 - 3:32pm by Housecall

By Meghan Belnap

Real estate can be an incredibly rewarding industry to be in, but it doesn't come without its challenges. However, when you're consistent and strategic in your efforts, the rewards can be amazing. When you're first getting started, you'll have to develop systems that work for you.

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Always remember to incorporate lead generation into your process since it allows you to get in touch with potential buyers and sellers. As you get started, consider some of these great ways to garner leads:


Most new real estate agents hope to become well-known within their community. When a person is ready to sell their house, you want to be the real estate professional at the top of their mind. In order to do this, it's best to be visible. You can become visible by consistently investing in advertisements. Whether you're purchasing advertising time through local radio stations, purchasing billboard ads or leaving flyers at homes in your area, invest in advertisements that allow people to become familiar with you and your brand.

Systems and Services

When you're building your brand as an agent, remember that people have come before you and succeeded at what you're trying to do. As a result, there are tons of systems and tools that are now at your you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Just use your own approach as you incorporate real estate lead generation services into your daily routine. Be willing to invest in lead generation options that work well, but do your research before choosing a lead generation service. Have in-depth conversations to find out if you can get a package that's completely customized to the client you're looking to reach out to.

Social Media

There are plenty of agents who've used social media marketing to build their brand. Just by posting a few times every day on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, they're able to keep their schedules booked. Be mindful that you're not just selling homes when you use social media, but rather, you're selling an experience. As you tailor your videos and pictures to display that, it'll be easier to attract the type of client that will follow and eventually reach out to you for your services.

When you're first getting started in the world of real estate, it can be pretty intimidating. But when you commit to the process and develop a strong lead generation strategy, clients will fall into your lap in no time.

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