House Envy: How Many Neighbors Turn Renovations Into a Competition?

Posted on Jan 15 2020 - 3:10pm by Liz Dominguez


Sure, one of the primary reasons for renovating is increasing a home's value, or for convenience. But how many people are renovating because they're envious of what their neighbors have? Quite a bit, it seems, according to a recent My Job Quote report, which found that 70 percent of homeowners in the U.S. have copied a neighbor's decor.

Copycat renovations are pretty common; here are the most popular features that homeowners are looking to replicate:

  • Indoor Furniture/Items: 69%
  • Outdoor Furniture/Items: 61%
  • Color Schemes: 53%
  • Indoor Accessories: 47%
  • Garden Design: 42%
  • External House Design: 39%
  • House Architecture: 34%
  • Room Design: 25%
  • Floor Plans: 11%

But what if we found out our style had been copied? Looks like people don't take too well to their carefully thought-out renovations being ripped off. The report found that 67 percent would respond with feelings of discomfort, 50 percent with feelings of competitiveness and 49 percent with feelings of being violated. Forty-four percent, however, would be flattered that neighbors would copy their style.

Check out the infographic below for other trends in copycat renovations:


Credit: My Job Quote

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