RISMedia Launches RealEdge Podcast With First Episode Featuring Kofi Nartey

Posted on Oct 27 2020 - 2:25pm by Housecall
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From pro football player to Hollywood actor to celebrity real estate broker, Kofi Nartey, founder of Los Angeles-based SOCIETY Real Estate & Development, knows that succeeding in the luxury real estate market is all about understanding the luxury lifestyle.

Listen to or view Episode 1: 'You're Meant to Be Here' - Breaking Into the Luxury Real Estate Market

In this episode of RISMedia's RealEdge, Kofi shares strategies for succeeding in the luxury market, from services like stocking a client's fridge with their favorite Gatorade flavor to high-end marketing that must tell a story. You'll also find out what his favorite 'Kofi-ism' is (and why it matters), and the No. 1 thing you'll need to break into luxury (hint: it doesn't cost a dime!).

On this week's episode you'll learn:
– What it's like to transition from the sports and entertainment world to the real estate business 2:24
– Understanding the service level necessary to work with luxury buyers and sellers 7:40
– The lessons a high-level athlete brings to real estate 10:18
– The mindset you need to work with luxury clients 14:38
– Kofi's mantra: Focus and Finish 15:34
– Transitioning into luxury: why you need to start with two brands 17:43
– Why you need a luxury mentor 21:24
– Marketing your brand in the luxury market, and where to find cheat sheets 23:34
– The steps involved in marketing a multi-million-dollar property…and what it will cost 26:52
– How the luxury market has shifted in the COVID-19 world 33:00
– What matters most when breaking into the luxury market 35:51

About Kofi Nartey
A leading authority on luxury real estate, Kofi Nartey is the go-to broker for celebrities, prominent sports figures, and affluent clientele around the globe. The leader of SOCIETY, a private real estate firm with billions of dollars in sales, Kofi has over 18 years of experience representing elite buyers and sellers of distinguished properties. He regularly appears on national television and in print media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, CBS, CNBC, NBC Sports Bloomberg, Fox Business News, ESPN, CNN Money and The Insider. He was also a featured agent on HGTV's "Selling LA" and has made numerous appearances on "Million Dollar Listing."

Trusted and admired for his integrity, discretion and insider knowledge, Kofi is sought out by discerning individuals, professional athletes, and entertainment figures looking for a high level of access and expertise. Prior to SOCIETY, Kofi was the founder and national director of the Compass Sports & Entertainment Division, where he recruited and led the nation's only true group of vetted sport and entertainment specialists for four years. He previously served as the director of the Sports and Entertainment Division for the boutique firm The Agency and was a top producer for Keller Williams. Kofi's experience with both boutique and national real estate firms has helped him achieve the perfect balance of bespoke client services, cutting-edge technology, and global real estate reach.