RealEdge Podcast Ep. 7: ‘A Pirate With a Purpose’ With Nick Shivers

Posted on Dec 7 2020 - 3:15pm by Housecall
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Nick Shivers, president and CEO of the Nick Shivers Team, Keller Williams Portland Central (OR), admits in business, he tends to act first and think decisions through later. It's caused him to make a lot of mistakes along the way, he says, but it's also led him to some life-changing opportunities. Like the time he visited Nicaragua years ago and jotted a business plan for opening a resort on a napkin. Plans changed, though, when a local woman brought him to an open-air garbage dump, where he discovered the horrifying reality of thousands of people living in and off of the trash, where young girls were being preyed on and prostituted, as young as nine years old.

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Shivers didn't hesitate to take action. Together with a business partner, he co-founded Sell a Home, Save a Child (SAHSAC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming the lives of these vulnerable children. In this week's RealEdge Podcast, hear Shivers tell the story of how SAHSAC came to be, how the organization has raised millions of dollars to help feed, clothe, house, educate, protect and guide children in deeply impoverished areas, and how his team, whose mission is, "Saving Kids by Selling Homes," has become invested in the cause as well and taken the charity to new levels.

A self-proclaimed, "pirate with a purpose," Shivers also shares how he's built an incredibly successful business with his team, bringing in over $4 million in GCI per year, by following his favorite mantras: "Your purpose is your business," "Know your strengths," "Know who your core clients are," and "Stay in your wheelhouse."

Shivers breaks down profitability, lead sources and more, providing countless, actionable takeaways that you'll find helpful in your business.

On this week's episode, you will learn: 

3:41: The mission of Shivers' charity and how he uses his real estate business to support it
10:59: Breakdown of Shivers' success year over year
15:29: What's different about Shivers' team that has allowed $4 million GCI success
19:45: Shivers' top 4 lead sources for listings
24:55: Is his iBuyer platform a lead source or does he purchase property?
27:25: How to handle conflicts of interest
37:04: Advice to agents for growing their real estate practice
39:06: The best book Shivers has read recently
40:07: What your profit margin should be as you're growing and scaling a real estate team
40:30: How to join Shivers in transforming children's lives

About Nick Shivers

Nick Shivers is the president and CEO of the Nick Shivers Team, Keller Williams Portland Central, one of the top real estate teams in Oregon and Southwest Washington. He is also president of My Rocket Listing, an iBuyer program he successfully launched in the last three years.

For 20 years, Shivers has brought a unique mix of real estate expertise and passion to his work. His knowledge, energy, creativity and dedication allow Shivers to help agents decide where they want to be, and create a sound strategy to get there.

Perhaps more importantly, Shivers is also dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children through Sell a Home, Save a Child (SAHSAC), a nonprofit organization he co-founded. SAHSAC has raised nearly $1.7 million to transform the futures of children in Haiti, Kenya, Nicaragua, Mexico and the U.S. As a founder, Shivers has partnered with clients and other real estate professionals to rescue thousands of children from human trafficking, prostitution and addiction.

Shivers was also named to RISMedia's 2020 Newsmakers Hall of Fame.