5 Common Problems With Selling Older Beach Homes

Posted on Mar 17 2020 - 3:19pm by Housecall

By Kara Masterson

Although beachfront property is always in demand, living near the coast means there are a number of maintenance and upkeep issues that'll need to be addressed in order to ensure a successful sale. You may find a home that is within your budget, but it may mean that you'll have to give it some love and care.

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From leaky roofs and damaged foundations to salt deposits from the sea air, there are many problems that are common with older beach homes. Addressing these maintenance issues and repairs will help minimize the time your beach house may spend sitting on the market:

Salt Buildup

Salt deposits can create endless problems. Salt built up along window frames or on surfaces prone to rust and corrosion are issues that homeowners would do well to address prior to listing their property. Windows that no longer operate properly or visible signs of rust within the home can make finding a buyer far more difficult.

Mold and Mildew Infestations

Higher levels of humidity mean that beachfront properties are more likely to experience problems with mold, mildew and other infestations. These issues can cause unpleasant odors, increased risk of rot and material degradation, and may even pose a health risk in certain situations. Mold remediation, cleanup and removal services can be a real asset when preparing your home for sale.

Foundation Issues

While cracked or damaged foundations are common issues for many older homes, the accelerated soil erosion common to many beaches and shorelines makes foundation issues far more common. Arranging for a formal inspection, as well as any foundation or seawall repair services that may be required, can be an issue of tremendous importance. Even minor damage to your home's foundation can make finding a buyer willing to meet your asking price all but impossible.

Rot and Corrosion

Moist, salt-laden sea air can cause extensive damage to building materials, often much more quickly than many owners would expect. Annual home inspections and aggressive repair efforts are essential for keeping older homes from falling into disrepair. Drywall or exterior siding that has begun to rot or corroded building materials are not issues to be taken lightly.

Outdoor Furnishings

Outdoor furniture may seem like a minor concern, but it often plays an important role in terms of improving the curb appeal and overall appearance of a home. Proximity to the ocean often means more frequent rainfall and accelerated wear caused by the elements. Repairing or even replacing worn furnishings can help you to create and maintain a more presentable property, especially when arranging a tour or planning an open house.

There's only so much real estate that is available along beaches in the U.S. Some people may even buy a home just for the lot and start from scratch. However, if you have enough patience, you can make an older beach home your modern paradise!

zBwIn4Nl-e1517256404617Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys playing tennis and spending time with her family. If you are in the market for seawall repair services, Masterson recommends T. Luckey Sons Inc.


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    Salt Buildup is definitely a serious issue we face in Texas. We have done several projects in Galveston, where it needs to be mitigated almost every year. Thanks for bringing attention to this!