New Instagram Posts Ideas for REALTORS®

Posted on Aug 20 2021 - 11:43am by Jameson Doris
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Have you noticed a decrease in likes and other engagement on your real estate Instagram posts lately? Although there could be a number of reasons for why you’re seeing this drop in love from your followers, a likely culprit could be the actual content of your posts.

Social media is nothing new to real estate professionals; most agents have been utilizing Instagram for years to connect with their clients and up their profiles online. However, over the years, your content could become stale if you’re not paying attention to online trends.

What are the best Instagram posts for REALTORS® to be posting? In this article, we’ll explore some of the top Instagram posts for real estate agents that have been performing well for industry professionals lately. These posts include:

  • Celebrating your wins
  • Sharing glimpses into your own life
  • Highlighting local businesses
  • Documenting local happenings
  • Before and after photos

In order to position yourself as an expert in your local real estate market, you need to be posting these kinds of Instagram posts. Ask yourself: What are the best Instagram posts for REALTORS® to be posting? Here, we try to answer that question. Here are eight of the most effective types of Instagram posts for real estate agents to get your clients’ attention and create more engagement:

Local Attractions

local attractions for best instagram posts for realtors

When you do something locally or hear about an event in your area, post about it! There may not be as many attractions rolling through your area as there would be in a typical year, but that only increases the likelihood that your former and current clients will want to know about it!

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This is a perfect way to position yourself as an expert in your area, so be sure to include things like insider secrets, a few details about the event and why your clients should attend. If you’re attending an event yourself, be sure to share a quick video on your Instagram story or snap a photo and post it to your feed!

Market Stats

market stats

Don’t bombard your Instagram followers with a ton of information that they likely won’t understand. When it comes to Instagram, be sure to just share hyperlocal statistics. People care about some market stats, but usually only if they’re extremely local and relevant to them and their area.

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Consider having infographics produced—or create them yourself—to make stats more digestible. Share data that addresses things like: Are homes in my area selling at a much higher price this year compared to last year? Additionally, be sure you really articulate what is illustrated in the post in your caption.

Closing Photos


As a local real estate professional, you should be celebrating your wins! Of course, you don’t need to be letting your Instagram followers know that you’ve closed on a home every time you close a deal; especially if you’re selling more homes than the average agent. However, you should occasionally pepper these posts into your Instagram feed.

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These types of posts let potential clients know that you’re a successful REALTOR® who regularly closes on homes for your clients. Also, this may go without saying, but take fun closing photos! You shouldn’t be constantly posting standard posed photos on the front step with a key. Be creative!

Local Businesses

local business

You can continue building your reputation as a market expert by sharing photos with your Instagram followers of local businesses. If there’s a certain product you purchased for yourself or you were given as a gift, share it with your followers—whether it’s a food item, clothing or any other type of treat.

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Be sure to tag the local business to help widen the reach of the post and use hashtags like #shoplocal, #buylocal and other area identifying hashtags to get more traction. Also, if you see a post about a special or coupon for a local business, repost and share it (even just in your story). Potential clients will love to see that you’re looking out for them in any way you can!

Photos of Things You See While Working

working progress

If you ever come across something fun or unique while on the job, be sure to share it with your clients! If you see something that makes you laugh, post about it! Just make sure you’re not turning people away from a listing. For instance, if you post about a weird home feature, maybe add an easy way to fix it or let your followers know that the house is a fixer-upper.

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Also, if you run into a local celebrity or have a different, unexpected encounter, be sure to post about it as long as there’s a fun spin and you have consent. Your Instagram followers don’t want to be sold to, but by sharing snippets of your life on the job you’ll naturally endear yourself to potential clients as long as you’re genuine.

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